Started digging into mission scripting

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I'm currently trying to modify the Basic mission to be limited to a set amount of time (20 or 25 minutes) for conventions. I'm hoping to add messages sent to comms 5 minutes & 1 minute before the end of the mission telling them how much time is left. I'm just starting to learn Lua so this might take me a little bit.
I've got a start of a comms script to randomly get Ship names from a table. Eventually I want to allow comms to select one at the beginning of a mission to name the ship for future comms chatter.


  • I was able to modify the mission to handle a time limit, warn about the mission time left and add entries to the science database.
    I'll probably upload it to Github in a mission repo.

    Now to see if I can update the Science DB with the mission time left.
  • I've committed my first mission script to
    So  far the only script is a modification to the Basic scenario. It randomly chooses a ship name from a list, adds a monitoring station and has a time limit. If the mission isn't completed within the time limit, the enemy faction wins.
  • Digging deeper myself.. working on the longer one kwadroke wrote, I'm working on a GM Reset function. Already made a modification to allow the server startup 2 additional modes (Short and Advanced-Short) that set the timer to 25 minutes instead of 55, condsidering adding Long and extra long for 85 and 115 minutes. looking for the way to delete existing stations, neutrals, player ship and enemies for the reset function.
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