Running two clients

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I can't seem to find any documentation on running two clients on one machine.  The clients all stack on top of each other and have no toolbar to move them around.  Any input on this?


  • For EE? Currently you can only alt-tab between them. Next release will have a toolbar to move the windows.
  • The new window decorations (toolbar) in Git works good so far under Linux. Haven't tried multiple monitors yet.
  • any chance of being able to start clients on a machine specifying the display? This would be very helpful for running GM screen on server and Mainscreen on secondary display of server..
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    Don't believe there is. You can use something like AutoHotKey to make a script to put the program on whichever display that you want.
    You can also run them in Windowed mode and drag and drop them where you want them. Could use the forementioned AutoHotKey to remove Window Decorations (toolbar) from the program too.

    EDIT: Forgot you were running under Linux. You can use wmctrl to do the same thing as AutoHotKey.
  • Yes I run in windowed mode and drag to each screen, I do that quite often. Never thought of something to do it automatically..
  • Problem with doing it automaticly is that SFML has no concept of multiple screens, so I would have to resort to ugly hacks.
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