2009 article about a Shuttle craft simulator

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This is an old article, but just came across it.

It's for a Star Trek shuttle simulator. Not sure what software they're running for it.



  • I see stuff on the photos that looks like Artemis.
  • Kinda looks like it, but, it's running on old iMacs. Don't think there was a Intel version of those style Macs.
    There isn't a OSX version without running under Wine on x86 hardware. Not sure Artemis was around at that time either.
  • I know I'm a little late to the thread, but I can shed some light on this.

    The controls are custom built with Hypercard (remember those days?). The computers networked together, with all of the controls being managed from a central computer at the back of the simulator.

    The simulator itself was for educational LARPing. Kids would come for field trips to do curriculum-based space missions. A game master (called the Flight Director) would sit behind the simulator controlling the experience. They would play the role of the computer and any acting part via voice changer, play music and sound effects, queue up videos and DVDs, and use a dimmer switch to shake the lights when explosions were happening. Oh, and since the simulator was on wheels, they would push it around when jumping to warp, etc.

    Alas, the simulator was sold to make room for the next version, a larger aluminum shuttlecraft. When all was said and done, the original Galileo was sold for $300 and likely was scrapped.
  • ralex1993, were you involved with the simulator in any way?
  • I was involved in the simulator. I developed controls for the replacement simulator back in 2009, and help to run some of the simulations there (never as a flight director though). The Galileo was just one of several simulators housed in the Central School, and I was very involved there from about 2006 - 2011.
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