Bridge Sims currently in development: Not yet playable

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Games in development - Not yet playable*


Repository Title: MakeItSo
Description: "A better starship bridge simulator"
Code repository:
Last Commit: Feb 1, 2014
Technology/Language: Unity 3D

Repository Title: deep-space-tactics
Description: "A multiplayer spaceship piloting simulator!"
Code repository:
Last Commit: Nov 28, 2013
Technology/Language: Node.JS

Repository Title: BridgeSim
Description: (NONE)
Code repository:
Last Commit: Dec 26, 2013
Technology/Language: Node.JS

Repository Title: starsim
Description: "A distributed starship bridge simulator architecture"
Code repository:
Last Commit: May 3, 2014
Technology/Language: Node.JS

Repository Title: Space-Frontiers
Description: "Attempt at a spaceship crew and combat simulator."
Code repository:
Last Commit: Mar 15, 2014
Technology/Language: C++
(added 2014-03-09)


on Google Code

Repository Title: spaceshipadventure
Description: "Spaceship Adventure is a true simulation project designed to give each participant an opportunity that is currently only available to the world’s top astronauts and financial tycoons. A cabin crew of four members will embark upon great adventures, exploring the solar system and the stars, planets, and matter beyond. These participants will learn by playing through the use of actual astrophysical and astronomical concepts."
Code repository:
Last Commit: Jan 26, 2014
Technology/Language: Unity 3D

* = So far been unable to play the game - or there is nothing yet to see

Any Repository not updated in < 6 months is considered dead, unless game is completed. Playable, Completed, or Dead projects are to be removed from this list.


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