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Never was happy with the forum theme I put in place a while back. Today I happened to be browsing the forum software's addons and came across this theme. I've heavily modified it to fix some colors and settings I didn't like. I might make some minor changes in the future, but so far I'm pretty happy with it. Let me know if you have any problems with it. The Mobile theme hasn't changed, and at the moment it works, so I'll leave it alone for now.


  • The theme works well for the content, but the header image is a bit busy. With that much text there isn't much of a need for a background image.

    I've made this for your consideration. It cuts down on the wording (and is probably too small) but I think it works a little better. You don't really need an itemized description of the site's content in it's logo image :)


    The ship image is the MCCV-2 from
    and is licensed under creative commons  by-sa 3.0

    Here are some other variations

    And then a link to the photoshop version

    Just my 2 credits.
  • Yeah, haven't gotten around to update the header. It was originally more for a business card/flyer for conventions. 
    The ones you posted look good. Will probably use one of yours.

  • Is there any difference between the Index and Discussions buttons?
    If they do the same thing then I suggest removing the index button (or at least moving it down in line with the other buttons). That way you can have the entire top for a header image and I can make you a much larger one if you'd like.
  • Yeah, guess they are a little redundant for the way that the forums are setup. I'll remove the index button. The header image also links to the same page, so it's definitely not needed.
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    With that button removed, there is a lot more room to work with.


  • Fixed the link your second image, jeffM.
  • One thing I did notice, immersive is spelled incorrectly. There should be 2 "M"s.
  • Heh, yeah spelling is not my greatest strength, I'll get that fixed up tonight.
  • I've updated the images, so if you reload they should be fixed. I also threw in a little asteroid station from the same site to give the background a bit more depth.
  • One more typo: Experience (missing the "e" after the "i")
  • Updated again.
  • Added image to header. Thanks for making it, jeffM.
  • No problem :)
  • Nice improvement. Keep up the good work guys!
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