Community Manager Permissions?


I keep getting an error telling me that I need some Community Garden Manager permissions? I'll screen shot it next time it happens. Here's what I did.

1. Open up a new discussion
2. Created a reasonably long post.
3. Error pops up on its own (not sure whether time related or whether I pressed something).
4. This error then prevents you from Submitting the new discussion or saving it as a draft.

{"Code": 403, "Exception": "You need the Garden.Community.Manage permission to do that."; "Class": "Gdn_UserException"}

5. Temporary work around: Copy and save you content and resubmit a new discussion.


  • Strange. Will have to look into that.
    I just verified your account, so if you can give it a try again and let me know the results.
  • It does take a few minutes to occur but yet. To be sure I replicated my exact same steps, so in this case I actually navigated to EmptyEpsilon before pressing the new discussion button.

    With a bit more testing however, it appears in the other areas too. O.o
  • Hm, can't seem to edit messages. Anyway. It appears as though the forum is automatically trying to click "Save Draft" this prompts the error. Every time it tries to automatically save the draft and I don't clear the error, the screen gets darker...and darker...and darker.
  • I've seen this error on occasion as well. Now I habitually save my post to the clipboard in case submit fails
  • I'm in the process of doing a server upgrade. Once I switch to PHP 7 I'll get the forum software upgraded to lastest. Hopefully that will fix the issues. Should hopefully have it upgraded Sunday or Monday.
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