getAlert() setAlert() "EAlertLevel level" string ?

We are stuck in our script documentation of getAlert() and setAlert().
To see what the strings are, we used getAlert() and assigned string to a ship's callsign as we cycled through alert levels in Relays station.
The results were:

Due to the interface (All caps) we can't tell if the actual string is lower case etc..
If the function is case sensitive this would matter.
There may even be a space in there we are missing...

To further test if these are the correct strings we made a test....
If getAlert() = "Normal" then do stuff...
It works! Huzzah!

if getAlert() = "yellowalert" then do stuff...
It doesn't work.

We've tried "yellowalert", "Yellowalert", "YellowAlert", "Yellow Alert", "YELLOWALERT"
Can't get anything to work except "Normal"...

We searched all included game scripts, the scriptreference.html and the forum, found nothing hence this post.

Does anyone know the proper strings in the proper case that DOES work please.


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