OpenGL Error

I have four laptops all of which are the exact same model with the exact same graphics driver version, yet only two of the are experiencing the following error.

Paraphrasing from memory*
Could not create OpenGL version 2.0 instance
Created OpenGL version 1.1 instance

In the EmptyEpsilon txt log file there are four [Warn] Lines claiming it is an issue with the graphics driver?


  • The driver is responsible for supplying the OpenGL version. Generally, you only get a 1.1 version if the machine is running on the stock windows drivers, which are generally not good enough to support EE. OpenGL 2.0 is really old, so any hardware alive these days should support it.

    So double check if the right drivers are actually installed, and used. Note that hardware might look the same, but not actually be the same. Quite some laptop manufacturers have internally changed models without changing anything externally.
  • Which graphics chipset & OS do these laptops have?
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    All four laptops use the Intel HD Graphics 3000 Version Driver
    They are all Probook 4530s and are all Windows 10.
    Here is the exact errors.
    One of the problem laptops had the problem before and after a windows update.

    from command line:
    Warning: Detected "Microsoft Corporation GDI Generic" OpenGL implementation
    The current OpenGL implementation is not hardware-accelerated
    Warning: The created OpenGL context does not fully meet the settings that were requested
    Requested: version = 2.0 ; depth bits = 24 ; stencil bits = 8 ; AA level = 0 ; core = false ; debug = false
    Created: version = 1.1 ; depth bits = 32 ; stencil bits = 8 ; AA level = 0 ; core = false ; debug = false
    Setting vertical sync not supported
    OpenGL extension SGIS_texture_edge_clamp unavailable
    Artifacts may occur along texture edges
    Ensure that hardware acceleration is enabled if available

    and from the log file:
    [WARN] Did not load load shader: glitch
    [WARN] Because of no shader support in video card driver.
    [WARN] Did not load load shader: warp
    [WARN] Because of no shader support in video card driver
  • I can ensure you, it's not having the proper drivers.
    As I'm using an EliteBook 8560p, which is an upgrade compared to the probook, but has the same Intel HD Graphics 3000, however, I'm using driver version

    I'm not getting the Warning: Detected "Microsoft Corporation GDI Generic" OpenGL implementation, which indicates no actual 3D driver is being used, but the stock windows software OpenGL implementation (which is pretty much useless)

    And the final OpenGL version for me is OpenGL 3.1.
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