LARP scenario with Empty Epsilon


I will propose to the EE community a scenario based on Empty Epsilon for 6 players. The pitch (in a bad english...) :

"Year 2523, in a Space Opera universe where electronic chips can be used to annihilate prohibited behaviour, a group of six dangerous prisoners is taken from the Tarbes penitentiary center to the EndPoints orbital prison, all guilty of high treason, forbidden thoughts or Murders. While they were to remain in stasis during the entire journey, they all awoke together, alerted by a siren: their spaceship is in perdition in an asteroid field. Their future is now in their hands. The human pilot who was to drive them to their destination was killed, which is not possible (1) because all were to be in stasis and (2) because all are equipped with a mental control preventing this odious act. What then? How to trust individuals when one of them can kill you at any time? And especially, where will they go now that they are free of their movements? Return to Earth, continue on EndPoints, go to Mars? It will be necessary to hasten, if they wish to have the choice."

It is more a mystery murder game than a "classic" Empty Epsilon game. None on the players have to know the game interface. They will investigate and sometimes pilot the spaceship (with a simplified interface with auto repair and auto pilot). Each player has a character sheet with his past, his secrets and his goals. 1 or 2 non playing character is needed the help players and give the clues.

I will publish the complete document to explain how to plan this game, with my modified version of EE and my code. Unfortunately, the first version will be in french. If someone will translate it, I could help him or her.

For waiting, few photos of 5 events I have done based on this scenario in the last two months.


Once again, thanks a lot Daid and the others developers for the amazing LARP game.

More details maybe during the following two weeks.


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