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Am I correct in understanding that Keyboard controls are limited to 1 Key per control (no Shift+Up two key config options) seems to be an SFML limitation if I'm not misreading it. 


  • It's more of a limit of my implementation then SFML. SFML does have ctrl/alt/shift and "system (windows)" key markers on the key-events. But I fail to pass them properly to the rest of the system:

    The more I think about it, the less happy I am with the current keyboard controls implementation.
  • Once I get this fedora live stick built, I'll be happy to poke a stick at it. Try and get it so we can assign Joystick, mouse and keyboard events in a user friendly fashion.. maybe even design an options screen for assigning them in game...

  • Sorry weird changes in Fedora  combined with having to compile SFML, EmptyEpsilon , Zeroc Ice and Mumble/Murmur have made making this live stick a real problem. I think I almost have it beat.. but the chat functions must be there.. 
  • Well.. sorry the Input looks will have to wait. Daid, I'll have something for you soon. The usb sticks are on hold until I find a fix for the problem I just encountered trying to connect as a client and getting socket bind failures.. not certain if it  was the stick build or fedora 22 but I am looking into it. 

  • Ok.. socket binds fixed.. stupid firewalls.. 
  • I'm so rusty.. I am into the code looking at input (Keyboard, Joystick and potentially 3D Space Explorer, P5 Glove)... I feel like an idiot in a university development lab..but I 've already found some possible fixes.. now to try to make them elegant.

  • nope.. more like a village idiot. I'm going to go off in a corner over here and re-learn c and c++ since I haven't touched either significantly in 14 years.... I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks, once I've managed to make at least a joystick calibration application as an example (to myself) of my having a clue.. I think it the wiser approach to contributing.
  • Joystick calibration and id complete.. keyboard is looking like a nuisance. SFML keyboard input seems excessively clunky to me. 

  • Daid,
    I have a suggestion/idea for keyboard control. I think you use a lot of touch screens but for us keyboarders here's the pitch:
    I have already used the keybinding that is available. How hard would it be to code in where you type in what you want to do. (a bit like star trek), an example:
    For helm
    Ability to select heading, jump and sort with a key, then enter the number. So for heading you would select "H" then type in your heading (say 182) and enter to make the ship change course. With impulse as well.

    Same goes for Weapons, able to type in target number once id or seen on radar screen, then selection for tubes and sort.

    Thoughts? To much for the casual player or to much to code? I still like using a joystick, but I think entering stuff fast like Data in TNG would be an interesting appeal, trying to set things fast while in combat.

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