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    Ok. I knew there were a couple of Artemis groups down there, just wasn't sure which one you belonged to.

    I knew there was a group that runs Artemis at All-Con in Dallas. It's this weekend, but, I won't get to go this year.
  • My name is Shado, I'm a major Trekkkie,Whovian,Power Rangers fan, Scifi in general, it's been a while since I've been able to do bridge simulations, hopefully with the discovery of Empty Epsilon and Quintet I'll be able to get back into doing Bridge simulations.
  • Welcome Shado
  • Hi Everyone.

    I found Artemis about 2 years ago and really liked playing it at school (I am a teacher by day). I found it a little difficult to deploy and manage within an educational environment and think this style of game has some great potential for applying maths, science and leadership skills.

    I also really like the communal aspect of this genre, having never really liked PVP games.

    I have been working on my own Bridge Sim for about a week now that runs 100% in the browser. I have the captain and helm stations finished, and adding weapons next. I will invite you all when its ready to show.
  • Yes please do! Congrats on your work so far, can't wait to play! And hello!
  • Welcome Kreeba.

    For Artemis, I'd just install on one PC then copy the directory to some USB Flash drives and run them from there on the others. It doesn't require it to be installed to run.

    Love to see your BridgeSim when you're ready to show it.
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    Thanks Kwadroke, is not so simple though. We are using Chromebooks which run off a very locked down version of Linux and basically just access the web.

    Plus we have around 700 of then now within the school, so physical distribution is not a possibility.

    I want to start a league at school, so need a completely web based version. Plus I am having fun making it, though I didn't quite imagine there would be this much maths.
  • Hi there,
    I am Peer from germany. I'm a general SciFi fan, with special interest in Trek, The Expanse and Battlestar. Recently I discovered Artemis and was thrilled. Now I'm giving Empty Epsilon a try.
    You can download my self compiled Empty Epsilon packages for Debian 8 JESSIE from this location:
  • Welcome MrWoolthing.
  • Hi there, my name is Isaac. I'm the assistant director of the Farpoint Space Center in Utah. A coworker of mine mentioned that we were being observed from afar by this website and I decided to check it out. Pretty awesome community! If any of you have any questions about our simulators, or would like pictures/videos just let me know!
  • Welcome Isaac/SpaceCampUtah.
  • Hello chaps and chappettes,

    I'm a Research Fellow in Flight Data at Cranfield University and Secretary of the Cranfield Space Exploration and Development Society.
    This year the students are really interested in using some of the VR, AR, and media rooms here at Cranfield to see how far they can get with a spacecraft bridge simulator.

    My Flight sim experience is usually pretty light on the visuals but heavy on the rigour so i'm interested to experience something different and to see how far we can get.
  • Welcome jonititan.

    Love to hear status updates about the students' progress on BridgeSims there.
  • Hi, Larry (aka Gozirra) here, just found Artemis about 2 weeks ago, and EmptyEpsilon about a week ago. Trying to get enough local friends interested to try out EE. I've watched a few YouTube videos and it looks like a blast. I'm on the left coast of the US, in Oregon. Looks like there's some interesting people here as well!
  • Welcome Gozirra
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Ezechiel from France (Lille), i'm new to the universe of BridgeSim and i really love it !
    I have discovered the Epsilon and Artémis games at a french Convention,
    i want to make my ow scenario to play it with friends but i don't know very much the game, so i came here to find how to do.
    If anyone knows about tutorials or where to begin to learn about the game i'll take any advice !
  • Welcome Ezechiel
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    Welcome aboard @Ezechiel,

    I don't know much about Artemis, but for EmptyEpsilon there is a nice scripting tutorial here:
  • Hi, my name's Peter and I live in the UK (South coast). I really liked the idea of Artemis, but the execution was not to my taste. Empty Epsilon brings out my inner geek and my wife is a MAJOR trekkie so I'm looking to make a bridge for us and our friends. I'm being encouraged to do arduino stuff too for custom input devices. So when I'm done I'll post pictures.

  • Welcome Coffmeister
  • Super excited to join all of you! There's some amazing things going on here. I run a school planetarium and we developed a program for students to play a bridge simulator to gain soft skills and leadership traits. We also teach coding for kids to make their own missions and games are very alluring and motivational for students. We ran Artemis for almost 3 years and now are converting over the Empty Epsilon because of it's more serious features and ability to modify more deeply. This program is also a child hood dream for me as I used to play the old FASA Starship combat years ago. (still have my miniatures and books!) I've also been drawn to 3D modelling, various language coding and Arduinos for DMX to RS-422 controllers that would talk to our theater lights. I hope to learn a lot from you all and contribute too.
  • Welcome PlanetariumWSD
  • Heya! I'm an dude Aussie larper and game master, I'm 25 and been doing it for 5 years ... once it gets hold it doesn't let go ...
    I'm going to be running a larp game somewhat like Dussel (sp?) has already using EE but only with 1 or 2 ships at a time as the method of travelling to quest areas. Like the Destiny or Warframe games. Planning for a small scale test in March.
  • Welcome PaperPunk
  • Hi all.

    I started playing Artemis earlier this year in the attic of a friend and really enjoyed it from the second round (we lasted 2 minutes in the first round, because someone thought shooting a nuke at close range was a good idea ;) ). Having a background as a programmer I quickly was interested in the plugin system and what you could squeeze out of it. I even wrote a draft for a rather complex mission, but if you ever tried to write something more complex for Artemis you will understand my frustration.

    So I recently transitioned to Empty Epsilon, and I really love the opportunities the plugin system gives. Also I am a big Open Source enthusiast and I enjoy using my skills to improve things for the benefit of all species of the universe. Having enjoyed the X-Universe and Freelance when I was younger, I started writing a lib that allows Game Masters to fill the universe with artificial life (thread to follow) without too much effort.

    What I can give to the community is a deep knowledge on how to code. What I lack is RPG experience – so don't expect the most creative storylines from me (yet). :)
  • Welcome xopn
  • Hi everyone!
    I am Pol, currently living in Montreal, Canada.
    As a big fan of Artemis and Empty Epsilon, and having been waiting for the 3 last years of SNIS release ( :p ), I first created some missions for Artemis with my friends. Than I began creating my own bridge simulation game, called Abyss Crew.
    It takes place aboard a steampunk submarine where you explore the oceans depths to retrieve some precious crystals.
    If you want to know more about it, here is the website: , the Facebook page: and the Discord:
    Hope to have great discussions on the forum!
  • Welcome Pollux568
  • Hello my name is Randy and since I was a kid I wanted to play a bridge simulator and your site helped that come true.
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