New scenario "Serenity"

Hey there,

ive been working on this scenario since two or three years now (with very big breaks).

The scenario has many different quests to discover. It seperates in 3 acts:
Act I is quite short and itroduces into the story. In act II you can discover the space and do 13 different quests to gain Reputation. At act III you have to make a final descision at which side you wanna fight.

I posted an early version of this scenario a while ago (i guess about 2 years ago).
Now i fixed most of the bugs and tested the scenario with a friend.
Im not 100% sure that everything works fine, but most of the script should work now. (tested on the latest version 2018.11.16)

My english isnt the best (im from Germany) and im just coding EE for fun with no experiance, so you may find my scenario and the script a bit clunky.

Feel free to test the scenario and give feedback.


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