Max amount of ships/clients in Artemis


In Artemis, is there a max amount of clients that Artemis can run? I recently asked this question in the EE discussion and was wondering what Artemis's limit was.

1. What is the limiting factor for a game?
1a.) Is it the computer that is running the server? If so, what are the specs to be looking at? processor speed or ram or both?
1b.) Or is it a limitation of the router?
1c.) Or is it a limitation of what types of ships are running (i imagine fighters put an extra load on the system because of their 3D generation
1d.) Or is it a limitation of the type of server? for example if I am running a war server instead of a Co-op game

2. What is the max amount of ships/clients people have already done? How many are running during the yearly convention in Ohio (I always have wanted to go, but have always had something come up)


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    Mostly it depends on the Server and the networking. Artemis uses TCP for all of its communication so all packets must be acknowledged. This puts a load on the server and the clients.
    The best test for this is to run a Level 11 game.

    The max ships are 8 ships, but there are fighters now. This actually increases the numbers. If I remember correctly you can have 4 fighters per ship. Again you can hit networking & server limits with these too.
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    How Armada IV, I think it was, dealt with that limit is they had a mission with 7 parallel universes. A GM then was assigned to add a ship to the universes if it made it into the middle of the vortex. Also, Artemis is prone to crashing, so you'll need dedicated tech people if you do Artemis. I watched a live stream, and they crashed mid-mission and lost their progress. That is NOT a good feeling, as I remember having it a lot when playing Artemis. EE, you have a better chance of getting away with no issues. I cannot think of a time an EE mission has crashed: even when I had two full ships running.
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