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I have not been able to find a mission script library and not even individual mission scripts. I have searched on github, google, and in the forum's but i haven't been able to find anything. I am looking to compile a library of mission scripts from the people and contributors and for you guys.


  • You will find the scenario_XX_blablabla.lua files in the scripts directory , or on github repository : https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/tree/master/scripts.

    What do you call a "mission script library" ? maybe the script reference ? there is a such file in the root directory of EE call script_reference.html
  • Thanks mathkuma I have found these scripts, but I am looking for missions written by fans to help increase content for an online repository in cooperation with daid.
  • Yeah, I agree.
    I made this mission script. It works (kinda), but the dialogue needs work badly.
  • Tony12321 said:

    Thanks mathkuma I have found these scripts, but I am looking for missions written by fans to help increase content for an online repository in cooperation with daid.

    I think you have a miss-conception about the community size. In general, we can state that Artemis has the biggest community in this genre at the moment. Even in that community about up to a 100 reasonable decent missions have been made.

    EE's community is smaller, the mission scripting is a bit more difficult (also more powerful), and a part of the community is dedicated to LARPing. Making that there are simply not a whole lot of custom missions right now.

    Note that my initial goal has never been to build a community. We build EE as a game for ourselves. It's nice that people are picking it up, and that we have a tiny community.

    For more/better custom missions, I think documentation would really help. But I'm not actively in pursuit of that. I take what I can get, but writing documentation is not my hobby.
  • I'm working on adding another mission script. Sometimes it is hard to get a group of game players together. Having a scripted mission can make it easier for players to jump in without an experienced game master.

    However, as Daid says, it's hard to get script writers for Artemis with a much larger community. It's even harder with a community this small. There are many aspects of this game I prefer over Artemis. Selfishly, I would like for the Empty Epsilon community to grow so I can play more scripted missions contributed by the community. To that end, I intend to continue to contribute to the body of scripted missions available.
  • I put a new Empty Epsilon scenario out on the repository a couple of weeks ago. I got a thumbs up from one person, but nothing from Daid, yet. I suspect Daid's busy. I'm including it here for anyone else that might like to try it out.


    Please provide feedback, good or bad after you've tried it out.

  • Hey Xansta -

    Thanks for creating the 'Shoreline' script and for sharing. You obviously put a good deal of work into it!! I'm testing just on my own a bit, but am thinking of using at our next gaming event where I work. That will be in early December. Am going to do a 2 ship setup.

    In addition to looking like a good script to run with friends, I am also learning all kinds of things by reading through your script, esp new possibilities that I haven't considered before (ref comms). The script_reference.html list has quite a few entries that aren't really explained, but make more sense when I see them used in your script.

    I have several script themes in mind and have started exploring some options. Hopefully, I'll get to try them with our leadership labs and the gaming events at work. I'll add other conversation topic threads ref these scripts and share when I have something worth sharing.
  • You're quite welcome, Kilted-Klingon. There are four others out there in the pending pull request portion of the repository, but I advise you to be careful with Carriers and Turrets and the subsequent scripts because they modify the player ships available and thus require each client to have all the modified ship template script files installed. The others can be just placed on the server and all the clients can use it without modification. I'm looking forward to the next release since it'll give more scripting opportunities.

    I sort of followed the vein of the other mission scripts in that I tried to do something interesting with the script commands available if for no other reason to give examples to others on how they can be used. I often learn much more from seeing an example than I do from reading documentation.

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