Suggestion: communications video chat

It feels like the biggest aspect from start trek is missing from these bridge simulator games. Is there any way to put in a widget or some kind of compatibly with face rig? Or at the least Google Hangouts or something? Obviously it would be a to best suited for the DM mode or communications or something. After playing Artemis I realized how close this is to being like D&D. Just missing a few key components


  • I did look into this shortly, however, video streams are a complex beast of their own. So I didn't want to spend time on it.
  • This would be a lovely feature. But from what I see (Beeing player and master in several role play games) - you dont want to use videos (with pre prepared messages) but need way more flexibility.

    I would rather take some moving avatars (maybe animated gifs) and possibly text to speech (there should be some nice voices there - else it is the translators voice beeing all the same) within the comm window.

    Alternatively would it be possible to minimize and maximize the Main screen on command? (Minimizing should be easy, but maximizing it again might be more difficult if the focus is lost) - then the video connection could be done with a different program of the DM's choice, which is simply displayed behind the main screen.
    I once had some bloatware demo of a software which used facial recognition to animate an avatar, additional sound editing (pitch, distortion, etc) was provided - this would be the kind software you would want as an DM.
    This only works with a good DM, but I guess it could be really awesome, without much coding involved.
  • Hi. I am planning to implement this within my game. I am using web technologies and fortunately there are a few, like peerJS and easyRTC that do the heavy lifting for me.
  • I have found that using a Discord server, and setting it up for specific users works really well! That makes it a possibility to have actual interaction (both text and voice). You can not transmit Video over that system, though sending Gifs is an options. I would suggest looking into that should you look for a system that is easy to set up with multiple users without a severe loss in bandwidth.
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