Hey guys!
I've been trying out the different features in the current build and am very pleased with the amount of options that are already present!

Since I think it is really cool for coms officers to be able to hack a ship, I wanted to try it out, but remained stuck at 98% (on 2 attempts) while there were no more options that could be eliminated.

Did I miss a button to 'mark' the bad circles?

Is this function operational currently and if so what does it do to the targeted systems?


  • You can't mark the bad circles. There may have been one left. I'm not an expert at minesweeper, but when I play, sometimes I get lucky.

    It does work. I run games at cons and I've seen players successfully hack systems.

    The first attempt knocks their systems strength down by half. the second attempt shuts it down.
  • I am glad you asked about this. I also was having that same issue. I would get the hacking percentage up to 100% then it would quickly start decaying.
  • Hacking is only temporary. The ones hacked start auto-repairing right away just like your engineer puts damage control teams on damaged systems on your ship
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