[EE] September 10 & 11. Eindhoven The Netherlands


Official announcement. We'll be at the Eindhoven Makerfaire on the 10th & 11th of September. We'll most likely running a single bridge (but maybe 2. Depends on if we manage to build our 2nd setup workable before that time)

Entry is 5 euros for the whole event, with everything else going on there this is cheap. But naturally, we will steal the whole show :P

The location is easy to access by train (just a short walk from the central station of Eindhoven)


  • Good luck for your event today !
  • I'll try to get decent photos and maybe even video this time. I always seems to forget.

    I've put up posters like these:
    Around the area where I am at. Hoping that sets the mood a bit and creates more participants.

    I still need to finish setting up today. Started yesterday, but there was a slight problem with the location. I could pick between a tiny room which was dark, or a large room with on 1 side windows spanning around 8 meters. So we still have some more darkness-creation to do.
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