From the website:

The LCARS SDK is a collection of graphical and coding tools that generate a high quality and functional implementation of the LCARS methodology.

Provided is a set of vector files representing, with near accuracy, of what will be rendrered within a webviews DOM. The included CSS allows for a base standardization, allowing for as close to pixel perfect replications of canon on-screen designs as can be through never before seen designs and interactions. Lastly, a simple Javscript framework and API structure is used allowing for the functional aspect of the SDK.

From web pages, applications and up through operating system environments the SDK can be applied. With a modular structure the LCARS methodology can expanded or ported for cross-platform use. Just don't use a legacy web browser. The SDK looks forward, not backwards.
Lastly, in the spirt of Federation and the goals humans aspire to within the fantastic fictional universe of , the LCARS SDK is an open collection allowing for collective contribution, enhancement and benefit.


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