PVP Map ?

Hello, I was interested by adding a PVP map to my pipeline (that is to say, not for now, but to do later). I've scribbled a few this weekend to obtain a core concept.

Summary :
Since its creation, the Shangri-la station was governed by a multi-ethnic consortium which assured the independence of the station across the conflicts that shook the sector. However, the station's tranquility came to an abrupt end when most of the governing consortium's members were assassinated under a Exuari false flag operation. Now the station is in state of civil war, with total infighting breaking out between warring factions.

Both the neighboring Human Navy and Kraylors are worried that the breakdown of order in Shangri-La could give any advantage to the other and sent out "peacekeepers" to turn the situation to their own advantage. Human Navy's HNS Gallipoli and Kraylor's Crusader Naa'Tvek face off in an all out battle for Shangri-La.

Basic rules for the first version :
Each faction starts out with a small station (that has special commands, like deploy fighter wing) and fighters. Periodically, the station will deploy ships to will go to Shangri-La automatically.
Dominating the Shangri-la sector (that is to say, no ships from the opposing faction) will bring points over time. The faction that reach the required number of points win.

Possible upgrades, after the first version :
* Send out troop transports. They will try to dock to the station. If they are alive and docked, they bring points over time.
* Have some side missions popping randomly that brings advantages to the faction that accomplishes them.

Anyone would be interested by this concept ?


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