[EE] Fire zhe missiles?

edited February 2015 in EmptyEpsilon
While playing EE the last few times (or watching other people play EE). I noticed something. Missiles are extremely simple.

First off, it's impossible to miss with them. Pretty much requiring no skill from the weapons officer.
Next, it's just hitting each other until the one with the initial lowest shields/hull gets destroyed first.
(hitting each other with a hammer till the one with the biggest hammer wins)

One of the ideas is instead of having homing missiles, you give each missile a targeted heading, and speed. So you need to "manually" target the missiles. You do need some extra information about how to target then.

Example of the idea we where having:
The projected lines show the expected movement and time frame of that movement. Allowing you to target the missiles. But as you see a missile being fired, you can act on that and make it miss.

(Silent hunter uses a system like this)


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