French version, where the frack ?

ok, so i started to test EE, at last. I can"t wait to assemble a ship at start a playtest with my kids.

But they don't speak english (and many other adult don't feel confortable, as you can imagine) so i would like to switch to french.

I found the Fr.po in the locale repertory, but could find how to active it....


  • In options.ini set language to "fr".

    Note that the translations are partial, especially scenarios are not all translated.

  • thanks Daid.

    I will try to contribute, using the PO file.

  • Hello Logan23,

    I translated several scripts and sounds but for the EE version of February 2020. If you want I can send them to you if you want to update on the fr.po or just play on the old version in French.

  • edited November 20

    Thanks muerte it will be welcome. !

    Asfar as i undertand:

    1/ The last version from 2020-80 is translate, but only the GUI/tutorial

    2/ You've translated the sound (that i have to include in the rights folders ?)

    3/ Regarding scripts, i saw the thread, but i'm not sure about how to translate and how t keep it up to date.

    Edit : i saw they have a .po file, but there is a lot of code in the .lua, so it's not easy to grab the text. The other problem i, of course, when that .lua will be changed.

  • 1 / Yes but not the accents for the moment

    2 / Yes you just need to copy / paste overwrite in right folders

    3 / Me neither ^^ Look at the other recent posts, Daid gives me an explanation

    Leave me an email and I'll forward this to you.

    I translated several scenario missions as well as the basic scenarios, the communication files, the faction database. I haven't translated the interface but it's not the most annoying to play. I translated the sounds of the Deliver Ambassador scenario and started another one and the self-destruct.

    I am glad that this work serves and is not completely lost

  • thanks for the feedback.

    Mp send. Will wait for your files

  • Hi,

    In fact I sent you an email to your address ... on Nov 21 at 6 p.m.

    In the meantime I'm trying to figure out how to use Github to help with translation.

    I modified the fr.po yesterday to remove all accents, modify translation errors, make sure not to overflow the text in the boxes etc. firstly concerning the interface.

  • Sorry, i couldn't find anything, even in my spambox. Can you try it again or MP me ?

  • Can you verify before that the email address you gave me is correct?

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