Game Master Space Station Bug?

So far I could find, this bug/missing feature is not yet requested:

I have been playing around adding space stations, but the list of stations goes off screen, instead of having a scroll bar. Naturally it would be nice if it has a scroll bar. :)


  • There are only 4 stations in stock Empty Epsilon (Small Station, Medium Station, Large Station and Huge Station). You must have added all these stations yourself to one of the template files. I suggest a fewer number.

    Did you make models for all these? If not, I suggest you just give the stations different call signs , descriptions and type names when you create them in your scenario than rather than creating all those templates.

    Once you create a station or a ship, you can change its statistics on the fly. However, it won't appear in the science database. For example:

    function adderMk3(enemyFaction)
        local ship = CpuShip():setFaction(enemyFaction):setTemplate("Adder MK4"):orderRoaming()
        ship:setTypeName("Adder MK3")
        ship:setHullMax(35)          --weaker hull (vs 40)
        ship:setShieldsMax(15)       --weaker shield (vs 20)
        ship:setRotationMaxSpeed(35) --faster maneuver (vs 20)
        return ship

    Also, doing it this way in your scenario, you only have to put the scenario script on the server. The clients don't need the file. With changes to the template file, the client and the server needs the same file

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