[Game] SigmaTau

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Not much details on this one besides: "Spaceship Bridge Simulator"

Appears to be written in Haskell, if I understand correctly.

I haven't been able to test this game yet, and no screenshots are available.


  • Um, wow. Sigma Tau is a project of my creation. I started concepting it, I think, about 2 years ago. Different work on it has been scattered--but it has never left my mind.

    It is actually coded in three languages: JavaScript (with HTML & CSS), Haskell, and D (quite similar to C++).

    In the last couple months solid progress has been done on the game itself. I was expecting to share a post here, in the next month or so, on what it is and what makes it different from the many others. I guess I will need to do so sooner rather than later now.

    That is cool that you discovered in the wild interwebs!

  • I think Kwadroke just regularly searches github for "bridge simulation". As he found EmptyEpsilon in the week I uploaded the first bit of code as well, and reported that it did not build.

  • Yeah, every so often I do random searches on GitHub & Youtube for Bridge Sims.

    Love to see some WIP screenshots.

  • Functionality is what is being worked on not appearance but here is a screenshot of the current state of the terminal:

  • So, what are your plans? What makes it different from others? It is always cool to read what other people are planning to make.

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