Artemis SBS Coming to Steam (?)

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Thom has announced that Valve has offered him the opportunity to sell Artemis on Steam!

As some of you already know (because Steam announced it publicly the same instant they emailed me), Valve has officially offered me the opportunity to sell Artemis SBS on their Steam download service.

What does this mean?

Well, I've begun the process of setting up Artemis for Steam, but it could be a long process. I've got to put together info, screenshots, and videos. I've got to study the Steam SDK and the tools it provides. Most importantly, I've got to figure out pricing, sales, and what it all means for existing customers.

There are lots of questions to answer:
Will I still sell the game separately, on my website, as I have been doing?
Will I still sell a Bridge License?
Will non-steam copies still work with steam copies?
Will I use Steam extras, like matchmaking, or VOIP? If so, what about those who don't have the Steam version? Will they get access to those extras?
Should I make a special Steam-only version?

Today I have NO answers for these questions, and I'm sure there are plenty more questions that need to be answered (feel free to reply with your own questions). I will GET those answers over the next few weeks, and I will try to choose answers that respect existing owners and retain the original vision of Artemis.

Thanks to everyone who voted on the Stream Greenlight page, and thanks to everyone for supporting Artemis over the last three years.
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