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I would like to know if there is a way to translate scripts text into French without being a developer?


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    The scripts are all in the the scripts folder, so they are easily accessible, also for non-coders. Just be careful to not change anything for the texts text (usually they are inside of "" or [[]] )
    As those texts are usually scattered across the script, it helps to use a code editor, like geany for example. As those have syntax highlighting, you will find text strings easier.
    And only translate whole sentences for the start, not single terms, as those might be pre-defined arguments in functions, (Examples: player.old_emp_max = player:getWeaponStorageMax("EMP") , setFaction("Human Navy"))
    And last, keep in mind EmptyEpsilon don't use unicode, so might want to avoid non-english letters for the start. There is some way to use them, but it is a bit fragile. If you are interested I could point you in the according direction.
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    If I translate the text for these scenarios for the version 21-05-2019, should I do it again each time the software will change version or can I keep the same scenario translated from one version to another?

    Yes it's just to translate the script and help the Relay post and enjoy the game even more.

    EDIT : Tested and ok ( I just have to open the .lua scenario with Geany (Notepad ++ is valid too?), Modify the desired text and save (compile) with the same software?)

    Thanks a lot BlueShadow
  • In most cases you probably won't need to translate it again. You can check here when the latest change of a scenario was. You can hover over the text like "... months ago" to see the exact date.
    If it wasn't changed since the previous release, you don't have to re-translate it.

    yeah, Notepad++ is fine, just don't use the regular windows notepad, as syntax highliting is really helpful to find the text messages.
  • Great !
    Thanks a lot BlueShadow, It will be more immersive and nice !
  • Note, scenario scripts are only "run" on the server, so only the server needs the translated version.
  • ok thanks Daid
  • If it interests someone, I started to translate some scenarios into French.

    I also produced help sheets in French for the different stations.

  • That's cool. Let me know if you translate Borderline Fever, Defender Hunter, Allies and Enemies, Birth of the Atlantis, Escape, Delta Quadrant Patrol Duty, What the Dickens and/or Shoreline

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