Using Raspberry Pi in Bridge Sims

I have several Raspberry Pis. One of the first uses I thought of was to use it with my Bridge Sim setup. Unfortunately, this is a little hard to do out of the box. Most Bridge Simulators won't run on the Pi. So far the exception is Space Nerds in Space. Any games that do either have to be open source and will compile for Linux, or have compatible executables that will work on the Pi.

Here are some other uses I've come up with for Raspberry Pis to be used with your Bridge setup (depending on game):
  • Library Computers - Show custom "in world" data
  • Lighting Controllers - DMX and/or Red Alert Lighting
  • SMB/Samba & Web servers - make installing/copying programs and data easier
  • DHCP & DNS Servers - Reduce need for router if LAN only - recommend DNSMasq
  • VOIP Clients & Servers - Mumble
  • Video & Audio Players - OMXPlayer/Screenly - Good for showing tutorials demos and other information at events.
  • Robots and droids
The Sky (or in our case, Space) is the limit for using Pis, if you use your imagination. 
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