Ship models

Where do I add new ship models? I have figured out how to edit the ship scripts, but can figure out where they pull the models from.


  • If you dont want to add paths, just throw it in packs/SolCommand/
    Then you can just use the filenames for the models and textures.
  • Due to the license under which most models where bought, you cannot edit those.
    The ones in the SolCommand pack serve as an example for custom models in an editable format.

    But, you can add models in the "resources" directory, the "packs/SolCommand" or in the "scripts" directory. The game doesn't care and looks in all 3. (order of preference is resources, scripts and then the SolCommand pack)
    For example the "ammobox" 3D model is loaded from "resources", but the Artifacts are loaded from packs/SolCommand. But both without a directory name in the scripts.

    And, there are a lot of models and textures in the .pack files, but you cannot edit those, due to license reasons. Sadly for modding, it's not very clear from the script files which files are located in packs and which not.
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