Naming your ship

Is there any way to change the name of your ship? Artemis has this feature, so I imagine EE would, but I can't find it anywhere on the consoles.


  • In the GM screen you can tweak the callsign and type name of any ship. Including the players.
    The reason this is not in the "base" screen is that in the mission scenarios the name of the ship is usually of significance to the game, and renaming it could cause confusion.
    I might even remove the "create player ship" button for these scenarios...
  • That makes sense for the mission scenarios. I agree with taking out the "create player ship" button in missions as well--it would make missions more immersive/story-driven.

    On the other hand, I'd personally like to see ship naming in the non-story-oriented scenarios (Basic, Waves, Surrounded, Quick Basic, and Empty Space). Ideally, ship naming and creating player ships would be a scenario option. While we're at it, it would also be nice not to automatically spawn a player ship at the start--frequently my crew wants to play Basic with a Phobos or something, which leaves an Atlantis at spawn drawing fire.

    If you don't want these features in the game, I can tinker with the source on my own. Thank you for providing it!
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    The ship autospawn is done by the scenarios (LUA scripts) and not by the engine itself. You could copy the scenario to a new file, Change the name on the first line and remove the player ship spawn or change the ship template to match what you want to spawn.

    For example scenario_00_basic.lua & comment out this line by changing:

    player = PlayerSpaceship():setFaction("Human Navy"):setTemplate("Atlantis")
    -- player = PlayerSpaceship():setFaction("Human Navy"):setTemplate("Atlantis")

    You can also set the name like so:
    player = PlayerSpaceship():setFaction("Human Navy"):setTemplate("Atlantis"):setCallSign("Ironic Gentleman")
    You could also change the template to another ship if you still want autospawn.

    If you enable the httpserver in options.ini you can use a web browser to change the ship's name:
    http://server:8080/set.lua?setCallSign("Ironic Gentleman")
  • Awesome, thanks for the info! As you can tell, I haven't looked into the game source too much; I thought I should ask here before digging through the code base.
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