Suggestion for scripting extension

It would be very useful to be able to have the server trigger a script on a mainscreen (and possibly other positions, like relay) so that the remote mainscreen or position could us os.execute to say play a video fullscreen via VLC. Lua already has the os.execute() function... Thoughts.

Yes I realize it could present a remote execution vulnerability, except that it would be remote triggering of a local script on the mainscreen or position's computer, not passing a script over the network to the position leaving it wide open to abuse. I also realize the potential for a crash if the position did not have the script, but I think that is a catchable condition.


  • As an animator, that sounds really nice to me--we could have mission briefings triggered by Comm events, cutscenes, maybe pre-recorded messages stored in record buoys. It would open up a lot of possibilities.
  • Yeah, if it existed as a functionality by genCon .. I'd use FaceRig and make some mission communique videos... Relay could have a command button to 'put it on the main screen' or just read it themselves. It would be pretty sweet and other thna the lua script hook shouldn't require any more complexity added to EE itself. (I believe, but I've been wrong before)

  • With some effort, this could probably already done.

    Let a script on the client look for an unusual, but uncritical value using the http api.
    If this value is detected, the script executes whatever you want.

    On the lua side you just have to set that value if you want to trigger the execution.
  • I explicitly block the "os" module in the lua scripting to prevent easy exploits (not saying the script engine is 100% safe)
    Starting other applications, especially when running full screen, can be unpredictable.

    But this might be interesting:
  • I concur that sfe:Movie is a better solution for this. I also do, as a security buff, applaud blocking the os module of lua. I'll see if I can figure out how to code a function using sfe:Movie and figure out how to subbmit it.. after I finish learning enough to complete the new joystick code I plan to submit.
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