Kalemar's EE Mods/tweaks

Here is something I'm working on with EE. Similar to previous posts about replicating our solar system.

Distance scale was an issue. I ended up having a scale for planets which was far less than distance. By increasing the ship jump and warp significantly it may help.

One of the other issues I faced was because all the planets were rotating, it would be hard to find them. Space stations would wouldn't orbit around planets so they tended to look out of place.

I'm currently experimenting with the following EE code modifications:
- Increased 3d visibility significantly
- Increased Relay range
- Added visibility around planets (using satellite function)
- Rotating space stations (works the same as planets)
- Can Dock with rotating space stations (working but has issues)
- Increased Jump distance to 500 OU
- Adjusted jump charging time and requirements.

Here's a quick video of progress so far.



  • What is the problem with docking with moving stations? (Might cause some jumpyness in multiplayer, but other then that I do not see why it wouldn't work?)
  • that's exactly the issue I have. It rubber bands a lot. where as everything else moves very smoothly. Would be great to solve it.

    I guess the calculation of ship movement would have to be done on the local client so it doesn't jump about. I haven't figured out a good way yet.
  • Looks really cool! Good job!
  • Movement is done on the clients as well, and simulation as well, it's just that network delay is making everything jittery and the code doesn't compensate for that. Complex problem.
  • Very great job !

    I try to create a solar system too, to propose a RPG scenario (10-15 hours) about recovering the Pionner probe and discovering the solar system (If you want, I can publish (in french) the scenario).

    About your work, could you explain me how you increase the 3D visibility ? I didn't find that.

    Good luck for your work.
  • I'm pretty happy with my script. I'll share it eventually. All planets start in random locations and rotate around the sun and rotate on axis based on real data. Got asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. the scale is a variable so in theory you could make the scale 1:1 but you'd never find the planets.

    I ran a scenario based on that script and had good feedback. Planning on running more events and continuing the campaign. Got more ideas for EE source code too. Will see how I go.

    This line should change the view distance.

    src\screenComponents\viewport3d.cpp (line 55)
    _glPerspective(camera_fov, rect.width/rect.height, 1.f, 25000.f);
    Improved distance:
    _glPerspective(camera_fov, rect.width/rect.height, 1.f, 99999999.f);

  • Note that you might get graphical glitches on nearby objects if you put that value too high. I'm not sure where the sweetspot is.
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