EE Scenario : Ardent Series

First, thanks to the creators of EE, you're doing an excellent work.

Myself I've been trying to import the Ardent scenarios done by Andrew Lacey for Artemis to Empty Epsilon. This is the first scenario that I've ported. "Cause and effect"

As is my first time doing an Empty Epsilon or Lua script it's the opposite from tidy, I hope that in future episodes my coding improves.

If anyone can test it or some feedback would be great.



  • I might have a game this weekend, I'll try and run it and give feedback.
  • Only took a quick glance, but overall it looks quite good. Indenting could be a bit more consistent that helps in readability ;-)

    Creating Factions inside a scenario is currently not supported. What will happen is that this is only run on the server, the clients are not aware of the faction.
    (I forgot to add a preventive measure against this)
    Science database has the same problem. I think I will fix this in the future.
  • I didn't get a game together...but I'll try online sometime.

  • I've tried to correct some issues. Right now I don't know how to add support to the different types of stations. I've only tested the scenarios for the 5-6 players configuration, I need to think how to implement at least the 3-4 one in an elegant way.

    The second episode is out. I'll try to upload one every two or three weeks. Maybe when new functions are available I'll redo some of them.

    Thanks !
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