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In the fall of next year I will be finaly finishing up my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at California Lutheran University. As part of the program every graduating student must complete a 'capstone' project that is approved by one of the instructors.

I proposed to create a StarShip simulation system, and oddly it was approved. Most instructors don't like the idea of using a "game" as a capstone because most student don't understand all that it entails. In my case the proposal was read by the Computer Science department chair, and he liked it. So now he's my sponsor (no pressure there).

I had to write up an initial proposal for him and I thought that some here could find it interesting, so here is a link to the PDF. 499 Capstone Project Proposal Jeffery Myers.pdf

It's a very rough overview of the idea behind bridge simulators and referees Roger Garret's book "The complete STARSHIP: A simulation project" (I thought having a book as a reference would make it more academic)


  • Nice! 

    Not sure if you know, but, the file isn't public. It's wanting me to request access.
  • Should be better now, I had to set the folder permissions :)
  • Pretty much says "I'm going to make spaceship Artemis" (Nothing wrong with that, see  bit down in the forums where I'm doing the same in C++)

    Got some more info about that book you referrer? Cannot find much about it.

    If you want to be a bit "true to artemis". I found this page pretty useful while doing my own C++ implementation.
    With some testing I noticed that a turnrate of 0.004 relates to about 10degrees per second. And a top speed of 0.6 is about 60meters per second. Should save you some stats balancing and digging. As this can be a real time-eater.
  • Well I didn't want to mention Artemis since there is a low probability of the instructors knowing what that is. I think basing it on a book that is older then any of the current projects helps ground it better.

    The book is kind of awesome. It's from 1978 and the author had a lot of good ideas but was just severely limited by the programing languages of the time. The author REALLY liked Star Trek and does a very comprehensive analysis of what aspects to simulate. It doesn't have any real code, just data structures and sample logic written in psudocode that he tells the reader to implement in BASIC or Assembly.

    You can still find used copies of it on amazon.

    As for replicating Artemis that is not my main goal (but that data is interesting). I agree with many of your points in your project about how Artemis is lacking in some aspects, and I intend to build something that I hope is better then Artemis in the long run. I have no desire to be "true" to it at all and indeed to do things very differently from it when possible. I've been keeping notes on how I think things should work for the past year and I'll be writing those ideas up as part of my design documents.

  • I couldn't get into the .pdf file either.  Asking for permissions.. 

    I have the book you mentioned.  I reference it medium-often.. :-)

  • I've updated the link so it doesn't use Google anymore, my webhost decided to cancel all accounts so it's taking me a bit to get moved over to a new host, but that document is up now.
  • Cool.  Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    -- steve

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