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  • This game seems to be a step up from Artemis in almost every way for my groups play style. Our major issue is the no one likes the third person view for the main screen. We have tried every key and looked at every option and it appears to only be third person. This ruins the experience for us. Is it possible to get a first person view or will it be added in the future?
  • When starting the server.. select the ship, then instead of mainscreen, click the Left Arrow next to "6/5 Player Crew" and Chose Ship Window with a setting of 0 degrees for the front view.  This will give you a view out the front window.. left and right arrowss will rotate that view...but doing so will result in your window view being off of front center until you carefully coordinate realignment... but it eliminates the 3rd person POV

  • Works like a charm. The more I play with EE the better it gets. This game blows Artemis out of the sky.
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    Just wondering if Daid has any comments about my extra comms ideas. especially the ability to craft space junk. Could I donate to thencause and get optional extra comms and features created for those who might like a more hectic bridge? I also wondered what spec Apple Mac i would need to.act as a server as I am off to buy one specifically to play EE as it is so great.
  • I have been thinking about crafting and so on. For that you need quite a few things, like an inventory system. It's also a lot of data to fill in. I rather focus on some other areas first. But the code is prepared for ship upgrades (like changing lasers and missile tubes on the fly)

    Crafting also isn't really a team effort, and as the focus of the game should be team play, working together towards a goal. It needs to fit somehow with that.

    I am going to add 2 extra stations that are the engineering station but then split into repairs and energy/cooling (so top/bottom split).

    (Apple support so far hasn't been working properly, so a Mac does not really help)
  • Perhaps down the road instead of crafting you could get boosted equipment installed while at stations based off rep? Basically you could get a warp core that jumps faster or uses less power to warp, or has more coolant, etc.
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    thanks for the reply daid.
    i actually thought crafting would be very much a team effort as missions would havento be diverted in order to get necessary items for Replication department to build new items. also engineering may have to divert power to replicators during production. science would have to scan to find possible sources of required elements for building and weapons may have to blow uo things like space wrecks and asteroids to get to things. Weapons would also be abke to use replicator to build or upgrade weapons systems if supplied with parts from new replication station.
  • Mm, yes, that could sort of work. But I'm still not that convinced. Currently EE is more of a mission based game. And crafting more belongs in an open-world-roaming type of game.


    For those that missed a bunch of new ships that I got.
  • I'm wondering if I should invest some time to make playing over the internet possible.

    One important bit would be voice communication then. As well as a "master server" to find games.
  • What makes it not able to play across the internet now?
  • You can play trough the internet, if you setup proper port forwarding. But I never tested it, so no idea how well it works latency wise, and it's hard to communicate with your fellow crewmates without external tools.
  • I've got a working Linux build with murmur and mumble for voice.. but have not been able to test it.. maybe we could coordinate and I could host on static IPs

  • I would say internet play is a big plus. FWIW, at the moment when my friends and I play other games online, we do voice through another means. Skype or Google Hangouts.  
  • Hi, just discovered your game and i'm very interested in it.

    As I was trying to "master the game" I found some smalls issues :
    -when you have to launch a missile from the tube, you have to select a missile to load first (even one that is not loaded) couldn't we just launch missile without selecting the next one ?

    -I have to constantly double tap when trying the touchscreen mode, it's a bit annoying. (config asus T100)

    -Still on the Asus T100, its constantly crashing after +/- 5 minutes (only on the t100, all other computers are fine, but I was hoping to buy a few off them, as they are cheep, to builds some touchscreen platforms)

    -When i try to add some stuffs from the "create button" in game master mode the last 3 vessels (weapons platform, tug and strikeship) are off the screen and i cannot click them)

    And for some "request"
    -would it be possible (and fun ?) to need a code to load nuclear missile in the tube ?

    -on the relay map could we have the scroll button of the mouse make the zoom in and out ?

    -Still on the relay, would it be possible to remove a waypoint ?

    And again, thanks for your work :)
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    When i try to add some stuffs from the "create button" in game master
    mode the last 3 vessels (weapons platform, tug and strikeship) are off
    the screen and i cannot click them)

    This has been fixed by daid in Git. I created Issue #52 for that.
    It hasn't been released yet as a binary.

    I'll let daid answer the other questions.
  • The missile selection before firing bug has also been fixed for the next update.

    The double tab bug is showing up for more people with touch screen monitors. Not sure what is causing it, might need to build a version with some extra debugging to find out what's causing it.
    (I think I know someone with one of these tablets, but he is away for a few more weeks, but should help in debugging if I have access to the hardware)

    For the requests:
    * Loading nukes requiring codes. I think it's more fun that the weapons officer can load nukes "by mistake" or "without proper communication", add for more meta-gameplay, where the captain is not properly in the loop of tube contents. (Mistake of both the captain and weapons officer. And a common mistake that I've seen, which can turn the battle)

    * I'll take a look at the mouse scroll options. We normally play with 100% touch screens. So the mouse/keyboard interaction is sometimes a bit lacking.

    * It isn't possible? That's a bug. It was possible before...
  • (Also, starting to get code in place for possible internet play, but that still needs some more work, and actual play trough internet has not been tested yet)
  • Since we are doing some testing this Sunday anyway, and I have my Windows builds working, I'll give the new commits a try on my ExoPC Windows touchscreen tablet.
  • If your touch screen also shows the "requires double press" problems, then we should add some extra code in the Engine::handleEvent function to log the mouse events. Most likely then I can see why it's going wrong on those screens.
  • wow, that was fast :D
    thanks alot for the quick response and the quick modifications !

    looking forward to see how this game will evolve !
  • Quick responses is how you build a community ;-)

    Building a new update, with:
    * Fix for the fire buttons of missles
    * Small behaviour change on enemy fighter AI
    * New AI that fires missile volleys at you from a distance
    * AI ships try to avoid mines and asteroids (but not always, due to a bug somewhere)
    * Scroll bars now allow you to use the bar as well as the buttons (used to be only by the arrow buttons)
    * Connecting to a server no longer hangs the game if it cannot find the server
    * GM screen with many ships types is now a scrollable list, so all ship types can be created
    * Display the scenario descriptions in the server creation screen
    * Added back the option to delete waypoints
    * Scroll wheel handling in relay station

    Unused/unavailable changes that have been made in the code, but cannot be used yet:
    * Changed initial connection protocol, so support password protected servers (but you cannot password protect a server right now, client can already show a password dialog)
    * Code prepared for having a master server to easily match up internet games (but this code is not active yet)
    * Engine code for voice chat. Only the recording part is done, no playback yet. Thus, unfinished and unactivated.
  • Looks amazing ! Thanks for effort and the frequency of updates.

    Only remark : I don't think that handling voice chat game-side is very important with available software like TeamSpeak doing the job well.
  • It's not that important indeed. But I like the challenge of building it ;-)
  • The issue I see with using an external voice game chat that's not included with EmptyEpsilon is having everyone agree on the same software. (Myself, I prefer Mumble over TeamSpeak.) You then have to have a server somewhere that handles that. And you have to have everyone download the client.

    If it comes with EmptyEpsilon: there's less confusion, less to download and configure and (theoretically) less troubleshooting.

    I saw that SFML has an example Voice chat client that comes with the source code. Daid, are you basing your code on that?

  • No problem. Furthermore, it would allow to assemble crew more seamlessly, without a need for a third-party voice server.

    Do you need help with any low-level task that the community can handle ? (adding descriptions, manuals, scripting...)

    Anyways, awesome job, I cannot wait to see what's next :)
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    Hi again,
    I've been testing the game some more and I found a few minors issues :
    -Some textures are inverted like on the tiny base for example, it should be "M-19" but it's mirrored
    -during warp drive, on warp 1.0 the speed is around 60km/min if you overclock the warp engine you can max the speed (100km/min even when you retrofit the ship with a 250 km/min warp drive) for a low consumption of energy (1 energy every 5 seconds) if you go to warp 2.0 you max the speed(100km/min) but consume 15 energy per second. And if you go to warp 3.0+ you cannot go any faster than 100km/min but you consume and your warp drive heat increase dramatically.
    -when you start the warp drive the impulse drive is going max before you can actually use warp even when the impulse drive is with no power or destroyed.
    -when the warp drive is engaged you can see trough the map around the round view of the field of view of the helm.
    -when the warp drive is loading (impulse drive accelerating) the warp drive consume the amount of energy of the warp speed you have set, so if you heat your engine at warp 1.0 you consume around 15 energy per seconds and if you are in warp 4.0 you consume around 50 energy per second. But in both cases you travel at the same speed.

    And now I'm going to throw some idea around the warp/jump drive and other stuffs

    -I understand the principle of the impulse drive being a "loading time" for the warp drive but maybe a real loading time with a countdown like the jump drive would resolve the problem with the impulse drive being destroyed or underpowered.
    -making the impulse drive change randomly the course over time so the helm have to keep an eye on the direction.
    -making the impulse drive be less energy consuming so you can cruise in space a bit like in Star Trek or dark matter. Maybe not for hours but a few minutes. You made a giant world, why not using it ? ;)
    -making the jump drive a bit more random but the more you wait the more precise it becomes. And while you are waiting the energy consumption is a few energy/second then the jump is a fixed amount of energy watever the distance is (40km is a bit short, no ?). Then you would have to wait a few minutes before reusing it (A bit like in battle star galactica)
    -would it be possible to have coordinates for waypoints, so the relay can give a precise course and distance to the helm before jump/warp ?

    I hope I didn't sound to offensive by giving my ideas, they are here for discussion, they're not some requests !

    Hope I'm useful, if not, don't hesitate to tell me :p
    And up until now this project is really really cool and fun !! Keep on going !!
  • On the base, it's the whole model that's mirrored. Noticed it before myself. With most models it's not visible, but with that one it is.

    I'll have a look into the warpdrive issues. We usually fly with jumpdrives. Which is why these things have been unnoticed.
    I think it's better to have the warpdrive working if the impulse is broken/unpowered. So I think I'll change that behavior. Is also the easiest way to fix most of those problems related to warp/impulse.

    And please, give ideas! That's good!

    I think I'll add "waypoint selection" to both relay and science, should give you distance and heading to the waypoint then.
  • Glad to see another sim added the self-destruct interface as well! It makes perfect sense for the genre. We also included 'abandon ship', so that you can still survive the mission, even if you don't win it.
  • We usually end our session with the self destruct. It's a key feature!

    Do need to add a "countdown" on it, so you could "abandon" the ship in that time. Would be fun to have everyone run out of the room :-)
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