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    If you disable this setting on the server level, all your beam attacks do hull damage.

    Probably even more important is that this is also true the other way around. So your systems will never get any damage. That's why you don't see any repair crew on engineering if this setting is active.

    Then we tried Beacon of Light and we felt like we were getting it and doing well. We picked up the Diplomat and then . . . nothing. We tried everything we could think of on the screen--docking at each station, scanning everything, etc. and we could not figure out what to do next. So I guess we need some hints or directions if we're going to do that one.

    After you saved the diplomat, relay/operations should get a message what to do next. If you did not get any, that sounds like a bug. Although it might be that your comms officer had the message window left open, when that new message was sent. In that case, it would go directly into the ship log.

  • Thanks oznogon! and thanks again BlueShadow! This evening I played around a bit with the Game Master menu and it does help me understand things better (as well as possibly giving me some hints how the scenario is going to go).

    I think I understand Beam/Shield frequencies and Per System damage now so that really helps as well.

    I tried a little one-person Delta Quadrant Patrol Duty and it looks really fun, so we might check that one out.

    I think I may be starting to get the hang of this! Hopefully I know enough to run things smoothly.

  • The last release was 4 Month ago, I've seen some merges on the Git-Hub that I would love to use. (eg. Editable Database ON THE RUN).

    Please daid, make a new release!

  • The latest release allows editing of the science database on the fly. I've tried it and it works well. I have not tried to break it, so I don't know of any quirks

  • Excluding the custom scenarios in the main repo, is there another grand collection of user scenarios anywhere? I'd like to at least keep tabs on it for my crew.

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