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  • When I use transferPlayersToShip, does it have to be from one player ship to another or can I transfer them to a CpuShip? I'd like the players to fly the jump carrier if possible
  • transferPlayersToShip takes a pointer to a PlayerSpaceship as it's argument, a CPU ship won't be of that type so it will not work. PlayerSpaceship are a different class from regular Spaceship. PlayerSpaceships can be cast down to SpaceShips, but Spaceships can't be cast up to PlayerSpaceships. The PlayerSpaceships have extra data and functions the base SpaceShip object doesn't have.

    You could easily clone the JumpCarrier in the ship templates and make a player enabled version of it.
    You will most likely need to see some additional data as well, I believe you'll need some rooms and system locations and some energy. You can see how a NPC ship is converted to a playership in shipTemplates_Corvette.lua and the Atlantis.
    Theoretically you can just copy the missing data from the player Atlantis to the jump carrier.
  • I've started down that path. I'll publish the results when I'm done
  • Pushing a new build of EE right now. But without the Android version.
    I re-installed my server a while back, and I broke the EE build in the process. I fixed the windows build, but the android build is still broken. Sorry.
  • Greetings - Hopefully this thread is the right place for this question. I've been searching through the comments and can only find tangential reference to it. Appreciate appropriate redirects if necessary. I've noticed there aren't any engine sounds when using impulse/warp/jump. How difficult would it be to add even some basic engine sounds?
  • Not very when all said and done. It's a client side feature. The sound engine is already in there probably just needs adding to a couple of classes so that they can be called when the various actions are done. It's not trivial but it's not really that difficult either.

    It can also be networked so triggers are sent from the server-side, but that seems unnecessary (albeit it'd be tidier and less buggy). All clients can access the same views so it's a given that all data will be being transmitted so everyone is technically aware of everything even if they can't directly see it.

    That or you can script it. Nut meet sledgehammer. I'm assuming there's a command to detect ship velocity/speed?
  • https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/blob/3646a96efb32b974e0e9c4bf5ea73911cb37cfa9/src/screens/mainScreen.cpp#L158

    by design, engine sound is only played on the main screen. You wouldn't want all stations to play the engine sound.

    (Just like music is only played on the server, just to prevent having multiple audio outputs doing the same thing)
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    True, when all players are in the same room, you would not want the engine sound to come from all the computers. However, when your crew is spread out across the internet, having an option to enable sound on the client might be nice, especially if your computer is not powerful enough to run a main screen and a station client.

    If I'm thinking out loud here, I could even ask for more fine grained audio control where audio options can be enabled individually. For example, engine sounds might come from the computer with the subwoofer attached. Beam sounds and missile sounds could come from the computer where the weapons officer is located. If sounds are kind of grouped like this, then each player (whether local or remote) could configure their computer to the sounds that they want.

    I would want the default to be like it is now: the main screen is the only one that does sound effects, but having something in the options.ini to enable audio by category would be fabulous
  • https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/pull/359#issuecomment-229998614

    I don't think much has changed in the game engine around sound since then.
  • Thanks all for responses to my engine sounds question.

    @daid, given your github link reference, the code reads as if the impulse sound should be active, but I got nothin coming from the machine running the main screen. Beam weapons, missile strike sounds and music just fine, but no engines. Do I need to do something else to activate engine sounds or is it automatic?
  • The engine sound is not very loud, and blends into the music very well. So maybe you do hear it, but don't notice it.
    To definetely hear it and know how it sounds like, you can deactivate the music for a moment.
  • I turn down music to 0% and sounds up to 100%. No engine sounds.
  • Hm.. strange:
    I just tried again with a linux build done from the latest sources.

    Steps I did on a single PC:
    - Turned down music in options
    - Started a server
    - Logged in on Helms
    - set impulse to 100%
    - went back to Ship selection, then log in on Mainscreen
    - hear a soft rushing noise, like a typical scifi-spaceship sound.

    If that doesn't work for you, I am not sure what would be the problem.
    Which version and OS are you using?
  • Which screen are you testing exactly, I don't think the sound works on the single pilot view.
    Also, it could be an OpenAL issue, wouldn't be the first time...
  • Ok, I stand corrected; the impulse engine sound is there. I switched to use a different machine for the main screen, one that has reasonable speakers attached, and yes, there is impulse engine sound. I went back to my first machine for the main screen, plugged in headphones, and sound is there. It was just that it wasn't audible over the laptop speakers. (appropriate face-palm here) My apologies for unnecessarily stirring the pot. (hangs head and sits in corner) I must have missed it during our test because of the music.

    In a similar vein, and I've been careful to thoroughly check first before inserting foot into mouth again, there don't appear to be any warp engine sounds. How difficult would it be add some warp engine sound effects?
  • Finally played again.

    Played a bunch of the newer scenarios as well. As well as the "Birth of the Atlantis".
    Quick notes:
    Birth of the Atlantis: Scenario works now, victory conditions are a bit wonky. And few things could be explained better. But overal, it's a quite fun scenario now. At "forced" events like the partial destruction of your ship, the players didn't feel cheated, they felt a rush to fix it asap. Even working as best they could against getting sucked into the wormhole, even if that's impossible.
    Shoreline: A bit wonky, first play we got killed pretty quick by a destoyer, 2nd round there where only 2 fighters. Didn't really complete any missions, due to the large amount of jump around large distances, and bit hard to follow communication about requiring inventory. As well as no details on how to accuire those items then. Felt like this scenario would take too much time, so we quit.
    What the Dickens: This one is fun, it worked quite well, except for the "river", which has some rendering issues, and destroys all your systems when you fly trough it (not a good combo, as this wasn't explained at)
  • Glad you got the time and got to play again! 8-)

    BTW, I've started a new thread specifically about our Leadership Lab events.


    You'll be happy to know that we had 6 EE ships, 6 computers each, all humming along in a rather dynamic scenario script with lots of enemy combatants. Was rock solid! Pressing forward to our Feb Main Event 003!
  • Photo of our setup yesterday:
    A empty garage works great as spaceship area :-)
  • Sounds pretty awesome.
    Our first event with EE is soon and the GM stuff is working a charm.

    Have to check out more of your stuff Kilted, I stolen some of it and had some cool weather to add.
  • @daid: sweet! Love it!

    @Dwaine: hope your EE event goes well! Let us know how it goes!
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    The river in What The Dickens is not supposed to be explained - it's supposed to surprise. It doesn't kill *every* system, you could still get out by impulse. There are bridges across the river, too, if you're in a warp ship. Shoreline does need some more explanation. Also, the scenarios that followed Shoreline with cargo grabbing as missions shrank the distances to allow for more rapid mission completion. They also make cargo availability information available. I may go back and shrink the distances on Shoreline and add the cargo availability info. I just got too enthusiastic with simulating the vastness of space and the availability of it in Empty Epsilon.

    You should try Defender Hunter. I learned from feedback on Shoreline.
  • Because there is not a single explination of the river, it feels like a bug. A message to comms the first time you enter it would help a lot.

    Also, in the shoreline, we had a ship flying out of the sector where it was suppost to be. I noticed on the GM screen, and by the time the players would have been there, it would have been half way to another sector.
  • Hey daid - quick question/request. Is there a particular discussion thread or notification mechanism to let us know when a new version is available to download/use? If not, would you mind considering starting a thread here on bridgesim.net that we can monitor where you can notify us all? Also, perhaps a short change summary blurb if it's not too much to ask. It does make a little difference to me... I have (literally) 50+ machines with EE installed and I need to take version changes into account for event planning. Thanks much for considering!
  • Well, changes mostly are fixes and new script function, as wel as new scenarios. I only did a release recently to have my local versions in sync. But I haven't merged anything major game changing.
  • Github has newsfeeds for all kinds of stuff, like commits, and also releases.
    Here is the releases feed: https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/releases.atom
  • Thanks to both! I've not used '.atom' files before; researching....
  • Hi everyone. Looking for some advice WRT the HTTP server option. Doesn't seem to be working for me. I have edited options.ini and created index.html in /www folder but can't get browser to connect to web page from local host or other PC on network. Have I missed something???

    Thanks Chris
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    Hi @chrismills and welcome aboard!

    Please give us a little further information:
    First, which operating system are you using?
    What exactly have you edited in the options.ini, and which url exactly have you used to connect? Where is the www folder located, is the EmptyEpsilon executable in the same directory?
    If you are using linux and have EE installed in you system, it might also matter in which directory you were when starting the game.
    What kind of error do you get? Is it a general connection error from you browser or a white page with "file not found" text? The latter would indicate that the server is running, but the folders/url are not set up correctly.

    To find out if the http server started at all, you can also look for a line like:

    [INFO] Enabling HTTP script access on port: 8080
    (or another port number, depending what you put into the options.ini)

    On linux, you will see that line when starting EE on the console.
    On windows, there is a file EmptyEpsilon.log, where you should find it. In either case, this line should be found pretty much at the beginning.
  • Thanks for the prompt reply and sorry for not providing much detail.

    System is Windows 10 with EE 2019-01-19
    In the options.ini file I have simple edited the httpserver= line by adding 8080 at the end.

    URL is

    and the error is "This site can't be reached. took too long to respond ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT"

    www folder is in the same as the EE executable, along with EE.log

    Interestingly I can not see the "Enabling HTTP script access on port:8080" entry in the EE.log file.

    Thanks again, Chris
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    Hm.. this is strange,
    seems like it is done correctly.

    Another possibility could have been some antivirus/firewall interfering, but looks like this is not the problem, as:
    Interestingly I can not see the "Enabling HTTP script access on port:8080" entry in the EE.log file.
    Hmm, so this looks like the web server did not start at all.

    You could check 2 things, but according to your description, those shouldn't be the problem. However, can't hurt to double check.

    1.: recheck the options.ini, if your changed line did reset. Normally that should only happen when editing the top section, but you can check it nevertheless.
    2.: check on the same PC where the game is running, and try localhost instead of your IP, so http://localhost:8080/index.html in the case it may be some connection/firewall problem. - Again, unlikely that'd be the problem, because it seems the server did not start in the first place

    Other than that I must admit I am out of ideas right now. Maybe someone else may have an idea what could be the problem.

    I am assuming the game in general runs fine?
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