Starting my own Bridge Sim - Space Pi-Rates

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I've been considering making my own Bridge Sim for a while.

The plan is to make a game for Raspberry Pis. It will be fairly basic; at least at the beginning. Probably be only a single ship VS the computer. Later there might be multiple ship support. This will probably not the simulator I will be running at most of the events Conventions. This will be something I use to show off Raspberry Pi. 

Here are my plans so far:
This will be a Space Pirates type game. Basically the goal is to destroy and loot other space ships.

Game Requirements
- All Servers & Clients must be able to run smoothly on Raspberry Pis. Model B minimum OK.
- USB Joystick Support
- All functions must be able to be controlled via Keyboard without Mouse (Mouse is optional) (This includes GPIO with Keyboard emulation) 
- Must be legible via Composite Video connections. 7" screens minimum OK

Optional/Future additions
- DMX lighting
- OSC 
- Midi controls

Languages/Software (For Proof of Concept - subject to change)
- Main Screens -  Python with Pi3D
- Clients - Python with PyGame or HTML5 (javascript) interfaces
- Servers - Python and/or NodeJS 

- Helm
- Weapons
- Science/Comms
- Engineering/Damage Control
- Captain (Main Screen)


  • Good luck with this project.  It is a long but rewarding journey, even if you don't finish.  Sorry that SNIS kind of outgrew the pi, although the pi was never really one of the design goals.

    -- steve
  • I encourage all of these projects. Makes for a stronger community with all the Bridge sims that a popping up.

    Good Luck!
  • @smcameron I knew from talking to you that SNIS wasn't a design goal. It just happened to run on it at the time. I love the direction that the game is going and how quickly it has progressed.
  • In September I should finally be able to start getting my hands dirty and get to work on code for this. 
  • Finally dusting off the cobwebs off of this project. Started working on console mockups last week and began coding this weekend.

    The Server, Mainscreen, and consoles are being written in Python/PyGame/Pi3D.
    The consoles will be somewhat of a dumb terminal. Receiving their screens over the network and only sending the input from GPIO as key presses.

    I'm subtitling the project as "Bridge On A Budget". It's going to use Raspberry Pis with composite 7" LCDs and using GPIO as inputs. I hope to keep the console price to around $100 each. Luckily I have most of what I need already. I will be also making basic cases that the screens and the buttons mount to the front and will hold the Pis inside.
  • I'm looking forward to here more about this project. Especially the budget version of hardware since budget is normally the limiting factor for people to get serious about this hobby. An entry level bridge would bridge that gap ;)
    @Auric I totally agree with you. :)
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    Here's a few in-engine mockups. It's minimal graphics at the moment. 
    Helm still needs some additions for better piloting. Still need to figure out Damage Control and Comms.
    The MainScreen and Sensors will be the most graphically intense screens. I'm working on these next.

    Offline Console: 




    Security (On and off-ship):
  • Here's some renders (not yet in game) for the player ship for now called the Hiro Maru. They are intentionally low-poly so I don't stress the Pi too much. I should be able to lower the polys even more without loosing too much detail, but then I will have to re-texture it.



  • Here's a screenshot from the mainscreen. Still in heavy development. I still need to connect this with the consoles, get steering to work right, and fix the beams from going all over the place when fired..

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