Kwadroke's LiveUSB for Bridge Sims.

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I'm working on a LiveUSB for running Linux and the available Bridge Simulator games. So far I have Quintet, Artemis SBS, and Space Nerds in Space all running on it. 
Artemis has my BSdN mod running on it as well as the regular Artemis 2.0 version. It also has Mumble and some other tools. It is running Debian 7 and a script needs to be run to setup the icons and desktop. The OS is read-only but programs can be installed.

Here's a screen shot running it on my Intel Core i3 computer.


  • I tried this on my first gen EEEPc 701 and Space Nerds In Space Ran fine. Still need to try out Artemis an Quintet. It did run out of space when installing dependencies for Artemis when SNIS was setup.

    One of the next things to check is Joystick support.
  • Joystick works in Artemis 2.0.
    I've added the TeamSpeak 3 Client to the list of software for Internet based games.
  • I've had some time to test this out and add some more features. I used it a a previous event to run Artemis as Windows 8 wanted to install the 8.1 update and I didn't feel like waiting for who knows how long til it got done, so I popped in my LiveUSB.

    The game ran as fine as to be expected. Had a program lockup due to an Artemis server problem (which happens occasionally on Windows too).
    I had an audio issue as it wanted to run the audio out the headphone jack instead of the HDMI port. I recently added a script to allow enabling of the HDMI audio. This will be enhanced to allow selection of the Audio output.

    I've duplicated this LiveUSB config for a LAN Party setup for running some First Person Shooters. I'm trying to simplify the configuration and scripts to make it easier to setup games.

    More to come as I make the system more automated and easier to add new games.

  • Do you still develop this project? Is there any possibility of getting an updated LiveUSB that includes Empty Epsilon and the newest versions of the other Bridge Simulators?
  • Not really. I have dedicated hardware now days.
    I can try to find my scripts I created for this and share them out.
  • For EE, I have a netboot setup that we use. This means we can plug in as many machines as we want and just boot them trough the network. I had a higher rate of success of network booting machines then USB booting them.

    My setup is documented at:
    Does require quite some linux knowledge to debug&setup.
  • A netboot setup would be a lot easier logistically to implement and setup before each mission. How reliable has the command been in updating local EE installations?
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