Cinematic screen during play ?


When we play, we use a projector to get the main screen. We'd like this screen to be the cinematic one, but to do so, one of the players would have to stay in this mode during play, and that's no possible (we are only two or 3, so the captain/main screen need to switch to other screens).

So, is there a way to get this view without a dedicated captain station ?


  • Being that this Forum is being shutdown, your best bet to get an answer for this will be at the GitHub Repository at

  • I am not quite sure I understand the question.

    You want your projector showing the cinematic screen but do not have an extra device for that?

    But if so, what would be the difference wether it is about mainscreen or cinematic screen?

    Maybe you could tell exactly your setup, which client shows which station screen?

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