Empty Epsilon: Multiple player-ship DMX controls

Hello folks -

Will be building two physical bridges in the near future, and want to enable head-to-head play between different teams.

Currently, the DMX command interface only allows for one player ship at a time. How easy/time consuming would it be to support multiple different player ships with their own separate DMX hardware setups?

Currently I'm using an Enttec USB pro to interface with the lighting/SFX hardware in ship 1, and that all works beautifully, but any hardware we hook up to the set for ship 2 will only be affected by ship 1 in game currently.

Is it perhaps possible to adjust the DMX interface to allow users to define multiple ships, each with their own set of DMX addresses? Or is there a better method?


  • I have no experience with DMX, but have you tried to setup a computer on the second ship for DMX as well or do you try to control it all with one single hardware.ini?

  • I didn't think there was an option to use more than one hardware.ini, as it all flows from the Gamesmaster's computer. If two ships are to co-exist in the same game instance, currently they connect to the same server which has the hardware.ini and will only apply that to one playership. As far as I understand it anyway.

    Is there a way to define different ships in the hardware.ini as it currently stands, or is it hardcoded only for one?

  • If I understand those lines correctly, the game looks ups the current ship. If the connected computer is no part of a ship, it takes the first one.

    So, yes, seems to be hardcoded, and if you want to control multiple ships, it seems you want to have multiple hardware.ini files.

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