• Few interesting points from the video.

    1. All new code.
    2. Will use python scripting (no more xml).
    3. Unbounded universe? (or at least much bigger play area).
    4. Cool nebula (volumetric voxel something or other) using shaders by Wes Bakane. Something like these, I suppose: Also some planets (gas giants) by the same guy.
    5. Network code is all new, built atop Enet
    6. User Interface is very customizable (user can persistably move and resize UI elements).
    7. Server can be headless.
    8. Lasers and such are light sources, and play across the surface of the ships and or shields.

    Demo of some of the newer stuff begins around 1h5m mark.

  • Cool. Thanks for posting this.

    I will have to watch the video.

  • Nice, thanks for sharing. Exciting stuff!

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