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Hi everybody,

I work since 3 months on a LARP version of Empty Epsilon, with more screens, larger maps, new features designed for long time game and few interaction. This version will always contains all the features from the vanilla game, with more options to LARP organizer.

All the source code is here :

My new release is here :

All the new feature since Daid version :

  • Better tweak interface for systems (with all new instability and nano repair feature)
  • Instability for systems
  • Nano repair system (coolant like system for repairing instead of using repair crew)
  • Screen to Monitor each system
  • Position Z for all object to simulate space

  • Capacity to Change font (in options.ini)
  • Color by faction (instead of ennemy = red and allies = green)
  • Complexity of radar signatures (possibility to use simpler signatures in science radar : gravity = blue ; electric = red ; biological = green
  • Configurable beam damage (add heat, kinetic, EMP, energy type of damage for beams)
  • weapons tube and beams specific by station
  • enable waypoints by route (multiple color possibility to put waypoints)
  • dynamic texture files and texture color by player (to change and alterate the space background in lua scripting)
  • add autostationslist in options.ini to auto connect to many stations (separate stations by ; : example : "autostationslist = 1;2" to auto connect to helm and weapons )
  • add ship_mainscreen_flags to modify main screen (stardust, callsign, heading)
  • Enable multi-GM stations (with script password option)
  • Increase relay and GM distance and introducing sector/area/region system (optional)

  • Drone, fighter and docks system (to be documented)
  • Tractor Beam

All these features are optional and can be activate /desactivate from the file options.ini or from the script in lua. A scenario explains all the feature with some examples of code.

Don't hesitate if you have some remarks or suggestions.


  • Very nice. Will have to download and play with it.

  • Fantastic! Well done.

  • Thanks,

    I publish today my V1-4 with more features :

    Update from last Daid EE : 03/09/2020

    • Scanning capability
      • Set the maximal level of scanning available for a playership
    • Scanning noise
      • You can affect scanning dialog for science screen with the function setScanningNoise. Between 0 and 1, slider will be randomly affected by the noise. Between -1 and 0, slider will be automatically moved to the right position
    • Personalize name of ship's rooms
      • During template configuration, can use addRoomTitle to create a zone with a label. This label will be shown in the center of the room. RP only.
    • Change Power Use Factor
      • Add capacity to change the fixed amount of energy used by system
    • Oxygen system
      • Ship can have up to 10 oxygen zones (0 to 9), with a level and a max of oxygen, and the discharge rate and recharge_rate
    • Each zone must be set in the template file or in the script file, and can after be changed by tweak.
    • You also need a oxygen generator to access to the oxygen rate generator (false by default)
    • Add a far range radar (aka relay screen)
    • Into the templates configuration files, you can choose to avoid a template from the database. It allow you to configure multiple ship template from a same base (for example with different texture color). Only the base is recorded and the rest is removed from the database.
    • setPersonalityId can modify personality of object and behaviour with another object : 0 = Normal (with faction behaviour), 1 = Pacifist (don't attack anyone), 2 = Hostile (attack everybody with another faction), 3 = Solo (attack everybody, except another solo objects)
    • Factions behaviour between themselves can be changed by GM during the game

    (thanks to Amir once again for this :) )

    • Logs can now append on several stations. You activate this feature in options.ini with the parameter server_config_logs_by_station. If enabled, logs are only visible in a station if at least one log entry exist for the considered station. Ship logs screen shown all the logs with an indication of the station.
    • New main screen radar
    • Template recorded or not in the database
    • Station and drone recorded in the database
    • Logs by station

    A scenario is written to explain all LARP feature.

  • This is fantastic btw.

    Been using EE for LARP for 2 years but this is massively improved.

    Is it ok to use this, of course your be credited? Are you on the Discord?

  • Cool if you like it. Yes, you can use this as you want, you can credit me as tdelc.

    I am on discord : tdelc #9806

  • And this is the V1.5 some some corrections and new stuffs :

      -- New screens

      -- Radar screen : tactical, long, far

      -- Probe screen : camera on probe linked to science

      -- New indicator overlay for systems

        -- Warp, Jump, Shield : white color when activated

      -- Scanner system instead of drone system

        -- Affect range of relay radar

        -- Affect scanning dialog (perturbation, help or stop)

        -- Signature signals visualisation from science screen

      -- Add warp layer effect on warp

        -- can be activated in options.ini with options server_config_use_warp_terrain

        -- add map layers into scripts to each warp frequency (max : 10)

        -- helms can change the warp frequency of the ship

        -- relay can view the warp map layer for each frequency

    the release is available here :

  • ### EE LARP release 1.6-beta

    ### Daid Empty Epsilon Update on 01/11/2020

    ### Added

    - Presets are available for engineering screen.

     - Maximum Preset can be set with setActivePresetNumber and can be tweak

     - Preset are saved and can be load from options.ini

     - Hotkeys are available for apply and update presets 

    - new screen available : Target analysis screen

     - Once fully scanned, a object can be linked to analysis screen

     - The target analysis screen displayed all informations available for the object

     - From now : ship, station, asteroid, artifact, planet

    - Structured infos (Example given above for the planet)

     - Possibility to add structured infos for a object

     - Science can see these infos after a full scan

     - Need and id for each infos (0-9), a label (string) and a value (string)

    - New Tweak categories and features

     - Description : affect description and structured informations for all object

     - Message : to send messages to players

     - Warp speed

     - Consumption or production factor by system

     - Change objects signatures

    - GM can speed up the game (from x1 to x4)

    ### Changed

    - Change of default options

     - First person, no flags and no radar in main screen

    - From ship selection screen, it is now possible to select stations from many list

    - RP pause screen

     - noise and 'power cut' information

    ### Fixed

    - Lot of minors corrections

     - log component now always displayed on screen

     - Bug for object's description

    The release is available here :

  • Oo, I like that signatures data!

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