My Custom Uniform Design (WIP)

So as I've been building my custom bridge, I've also been considering what our uniforms will look like. I had an original design but it was designed years ago and the more I thought about it the more I decided I wanted to take it in a slightly different direction. Ultimately I decided that I wanted to do a bit of a cross between Star Trek First Contact and Battlestar Galactica (Ron Moore version), and I found a pattern that I think I'd be able to easily adapt for these uniforms, it's from the Netflix Voltron show:

So the idea is that they're two-toned gray uniform shirts/jackets and pants, the shirt/jacket is double breasted with colored piping to indicate division. They also feature shoulder straps that are division colors. The rank pins on the lapels would be unique per rank and would be 3D printed, the flight wings would be 3D printed as well. The CO would wear white and his rank pins and wings would be gold The left shoulder would feature a ship-specific patch, the right shoulder would feature a station-specific patch for bridge crew. The pants would have cargo pockets for utility.



  • Instead of 3d printing, you might want to look if you can find someone or a shop with a cnc sewing machine. And have those badges sewed with a velcro backside.

    If you go the 3d print route, I would make the designs 3d as well, not just flat extruded. I did so for the main EE logo, but not sure if I still have the file.

  • Yeah, we're planning to buy a resin printer pretty soon and both my wife and I are pretty proficient 3D modelers, at one point we ordered a test print of some wings and rank pips through shapeways and just glued some pin backs to the 3D printed parts and it worked pretty well.

  • Well, be careful with those resin printers. The resin is nasty stuff. Be sure to ventilate the room well, and make sure you have a good post processing setup.

    (I used fdm for my EE badges, but I do have 7 years of experience working/engineering with those machines. So could push them beyond normal limits)

  • I updated the uniform designs with new pilot wings and new shoulder patches:

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