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Hi all.

I have the fortune of living the rural life in Canada. Unfortunately, that means that my ISP choices are limited. I am forced to use a company called Xplorenet. Overall, pretty good -- lots of bandwidth, pretty fast -- but I just ran into one problem... I can't forward a port through my router into my game computer.

This means that I can't set up a session of Empty Epsilon for my regular RPG buddies and I to play with during this time of social distancing.

Do any of you guys know of a way to get a server running 'outside'? I know there are ways to get free Minecraft servers but they are fixed to only Minecraft -- I'd need something I could ssh into, down load and install the game on... then run a headless version of it...

Any thoughts at all?




  • A digitalocean droplet is like $5 a month. Then a domain name is like $10 a year or so.

  • I have good speed, but heavily firewalled Internet, so I'm in a similar situation (for multiple games). I ended up getting a $10/month dedicated "cloud" server from Wholesale Internet:

    The Intel Core 2 Duo option seems to be fine for what I've needed so far, and one of the nice things is that while the server's connection is "only" 100 Mb/s, it's unmetered / truly unlimited. (And it comes with a free fixed IPv4 address, which is less common these days.)

    I'm running with their default Ubuntu 18.04 LTS setup, and have been using it for MapTools (RPG map server), Mumble/Murmer (voice chat server), and Empty Epsilon proxy relay.

    You SSH into your server and run

    /usr/local/bin/EmptyEpsilon proxy=listen

    then fire up a windowed server on your home computer, selecting your server as the target; this then gives you the GM screen on your computer, but everyone can just connect their client to the cloud server as if it were the "real thing". Kudos to the dev(s) for getting this set up.

    It's not quite bug free; I find I have to kill the game and restart the proxy when I change scenarios, so keep the SSH window open in the background. But we're successfully running an "online con" this weekend with it.

  • @Xansta uses an AWS instance frequently to host EE.

    You can also use a VPN.

    Can you replace their router with one of your own?

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