Quintet Version 6 coming soon

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This was submitted earlier today on The Quintet Page on Facebook 

I just submitted Version 6 to the Apple App store! Once it's approved (up to 7 days), I'll push the other platforms live too... what's new? 
- Quintet Wars!
- LAN Mode
- Implemented Leah Brahms propulsion system
- New Quartet ship with new ability: Drop a Drone or Mine
- Duet ship can now boost engines, weapons and shield
- "Incoming" scenario now included
- New "Mothership" Scenario
- Balancing of ships (health, damage, etc.) you die less often.
- Self Destruct does splash damage to hull
- AI smarter when getting shot by multiple targets
- Sound effect and chat notification when someone joins your ship
- Better FPS on Mobile/OUYA versions
- Fixed bug with Large Torpedo
- Fixed bug with windows full screen/window mode
- Fixed bug with scene setups
- Fixed turning speed on mobile devices


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    Version 6 has been released on the Quintet website at http://quintet.us . Android and Ouya users need to side load and should be in the app store soon for iOS users.
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