Really pleased with how our conventions setup came out!

I know it's not as impressive as many of the ones I've seen on here, but it's amazing what you can do with some el wire in a dark room!


  • Are you kidding? that is one of the coolest pictures I saw on this boards.

    It might not as as effortful and complex as other bridges, with handcrafted consoles and walls covered with sci-fi gadgets, but it shows how impressive a bridge can be made with rather standard components but very well-thought-out setup.

    Essentially the bridge counterpart of the costume thread in the Artemis boards that was linked here a few years ago.

    btw. the station signs, are they laser-embossed acrylic plates?

  • Indeed, looks really good. Only quick improvement I see would be better chairs.

  • Those are sci-fi looking chairs though. Comfort is not practical. (:

  • Thanks all! I really appreciate the kind comments. I'll do an after-action report for anyone who's interested after the event.

    btw. the station signs, are they laser-embossed acrylic plates?

    They are, yes! Using the vector files I posted a few months ago:

    At the last event, we had issues with the captain knowing who was what, so I thought it would a) help and b) look pretty cool.

  • Hey Nigel - this set up looks great. Well done, esp for a temp setup for a convention. Tks for sharing!

  • I really do like the laser-embossed acrylic plates! A very nice touch.

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    For our Scout events, I've found that a dash of mood lighting and some background sound go a long way in creating just enough immersion on a budget to make it a good experience. Do you have a sound system with a sub-woofer in the setup? We use a background engine "thrumming" sound that plays on continuous loop during the events and that base undertone of engines/power adds a lot to the overall feel, and it's very simple to add. Whatever machine is being used for the forward view screen, we just connect the speakers to that and play the sound file in the background on repeat. Easy cheesy! 8-)

  • Would you believe that I had already thought of the ambient ship sound, but instead of just playing the thing on a loop like you suggest I was thinking how I was going to replace the sound effects in the actual game. Doh!

    Thank you for your kind words, and I'll definitely try that for next time!

  • If you don't already know about it you might find this site useful for ambient noise:

  • There's also the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player ( ). The player is free, and one of the free soundsets in there is the "Shipboard"-Set, which you can edit on the fly (literally).

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