Report of the work on Empty Epsilon for the LARP Point Zero

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During this last year, the association Quantum Games has made the LARP Point Zero in Belgium with a lot of work around Empty Epsilon. We did some sessions only with one spaceship, some other with a space station, and the last one with one space station and 4 player spaceship.

Unfortunately, because of a server crash the day before the LARP, a lot of features was non able to work.

I want to thank a lot Daid, amir-arad and all workers around Empty Epsilon for this software. Our players (50) loved travel into space with theses screens.

I did a lot of change into the actual release to be more accurate for our LARP needs (here the github branch). Unfortunately, I did not take the time to comment and propose my change, so I writed a report of all the changes and I share it to you :
(I added some video to explain some new features like cloaking device or animated objects)

Sorry, I am not english speaker, so I google translate my french document. If it is hard to understand, please ask me, I will explain as most as I can.


  • Some exciting changes there! Well done!

    It's a shame you had the server crash but it looks like a very interesting game!
  • Some of them look amazing, if it wasnt a fork Id totally steal them.
  • Thanks for your remark. is it not possible to fork a fork ? Damm. I can propose some modifications in the core game, but I think they are too much LARP-designed and not enough well developped.
    Dwaine, if one modification interest you, I can list you the concerning files.
  • You can fork a fork, but not if you have a fork of the "base" repository already I think.
  • Id love the files, I run a fair bit of LARP using EE
  • All the project is in the tree point_zero3 :

    So I think that you can fork this branch.
  • There are VERY cool features in this!!
  • Just realised that the French for LARP must be "GN" and that's what's caused a bunch of weirdly translated words that I've suggested replacements for stuff like "siLARPal".

    Looking forward to seeing the mentioned new version!
  • Thanks Nigel, I make a huge mistake with my search & replace...

    Daid, yes, players had to visit some planets. So I always put planets with argument setDistanceFromMovementPlane(-(X-1000)) with X was radius of the planet. So pilot could fly near the planet and click on the docking button. After that, we narratively played the exploration.
  • Note that there are some good patches in there for the mainline. But the commit log is a very messy, so I find it hard to find the interesting stuff for mainline...
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    I agree with you, sorry for that... based on the doc, if you like some features, i can separate the commit.
  • I request the docking with planets enhancement, please :-)
    Once you dock, is there a way to set up a dedicated planetary communication interface like you can when you want to talk to stations or ships?
  • In our larp, all comms were with the game master, but indeed, a dedicated ways of communication into a planet could be great
  • I request the docking with planets enhancement, please :-)
    Such a thing could probably also be done by using scripts and custom buttons. That way you could even make it fit the context better. So the button could be labeled "land" or "transport to/from surface".
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