Engineering dude issue?

Is anyone else encountering an issue in the latest release where the dudes that appear on the engineering map will only appear when the engineering station is also the server?

If it's connecting as the client, everything works except you can't see the engineering guys.


  • For what it's worth I am not having this issue on either engineering or engineering+ in the client, at least on LAN.
  • There hasn't been a change in that part of the code in 3 years...
  • I've done some more testing and I think I've worked it out.

    We had the server running on a mac laptop in wine last night so we could use the gamesmaster functionality (the gamesmaster function only appears on the server) and testing it this morning it seems like its when the client connects to the mac based server the dudes don't appear but when I connected to a windows based server they did.

    Could that be it?

    (Totally understand you can't be held responsible for supporting a wine version too, but I thought I better report back in case it's of use to someone else.)
  • Well, that is odd. I see no reason why the wine version would act different, after all the code is 100% the same then.

    But if the repair dudes don't show up, that spells problems for a lot of other things as well. As the dudes are simply "invisible objects", rendered only by the ships internal room view if the shipID of the player and the dude matches.

    So the dudes not showing could mean:
    1) They are not created at the client
    2) They are created at the client, but don't have their shipID set
    3) They are created at the client, have their shipID set properly, but the positions is wrong and they are off-screen

    But all code that manages that manages having ships/asteroids and all other objects at the clients as well...
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