problem with missile lock

I'm sorry with noob question but I finally tried EE twice this week with friends (Just 2 years that I was waiting for this moment). I love this game.
I translate some scenarios and we loved experience.
I don't understand why sometimes is difficult to lock ships with homing or nuke? Even being at a good distance?
is it due to some protection characteristics of ships?

Please look picture :




  • But the lock is there. It accounts for the speed and heading of the missile and enemy. And thus aims in front of him.
  • Well, I clicked on the enemy ship to lock it but it does not work (the white lines do not go on it). In addition, the advancing ship (on first picture) is reversing my left lock. Normally when I lock it gives something like that:

  • In your first picture, the top line goes to the enemy, the bottom does not. For the simple reason that there is no solution where it will hit the target. If you manually aim, you'll notice that there is no way to hit certain positions behind the tubes.
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    Wow, 10 iterations... interesting.

    In my 3D NPC torpedo code in SNIS, I do the following, and it seems to work surprisingly well.

    (torpedoes travel in a straight line with constant velocity)

    1. Calculate distance d to target.
    2. Compute the time t it takes for a torpedo to travel at fixed velocity distance d.
    3. Multiply velocity vector v of target by t to get presumed position of target at time torpedo will approximately intercept it. (note that by the time the torpedo reaches the target, distance d may no longer be accurate, as the target will have moved I just ignore this fact that d is approximate.)
    4. Shoot torpedo in the direction of this computed approximate intercept point.

    It might work "surprisingly well" because my torpedoes only have to get so close before inflicting damage.

    For the homing missiles (which steer as they travel), I do almost the same thing, except it's done multiple times, once for every step the missile moves, and the missile doesn't change direction instantly, instead a "desired velocity" is computed, and the missile's velocity is gradually modified towards this desired velocity. I don't even do a fancy quaternion slerp, I just lerp vx, vy, and vz independently. This works surprisingly well.

    These were both cases in which I implemented "the dumbest thing that might work", thinking I'd have to go back and refine it, but nope, it just pretty much worked in its dumb form.

    (It's quite possible I don't really understand what the EE firing solution code is doing and I've just babbled a load of irrelevant nonsense above, though.)
  • EE missiles go at a constant speed as well. But they leave the missile bay at a predefined angle. After that they rotate to align to the defined target angle. Hench the need for the complex iterative solution.

    Homing missiles readjust themselfs to aim towards the target when they are close enough. But the targeting code does not account for that.
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    I just understood. Thanks a lot Daid
  • I don't know where post this :

    I think there is a mistake in science_db.lua

    item = weapons:addEntry('Mine')
    item:addKeyValue('Drop distance', '1.2u') It's 1U in truth
    item:addKeyValue('Trigger distance', '0.6u') It's 0.8U in truth
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