What is the point of increasing the different engineer systems?

What is the point of increasing the different systems?

I searched and found (I think) for all systems exept :

- The Maneuvering to accelerate the trajectory changes of the ship. (For 180 °, 9s instead of 18s to 200%) and ?

- The Warp Drive for ?

- Impulse Engines to increase the ship's maximum speed (10U / min instead of 5u / min at 200%) and ?

For other, I think :
- The reactor (Reactor) to recover energy and avoid scarcity. (180 u / min instead of 120 u / min at 200%)
- Beam Weapons to increase the rate of fire in close combat. (Shot every 3s instead of 6s to 200%)
- The missile system to reduce the loading time of the tubes (4s to place of 8s to 200%).
- The teleportation (Jump Drive) to accelerate the delay before the jump (5s instead of 10s to 200%) and the reloading time before the next jump (6s instead of 16s to 200% for 10u).
- The front and rear shields (Front and Rear Shields) to further reduce the damage taken by shields and regenerate them faster. (Increasing the rear bumper only does not reduce the damage, you must activate the front bumper for this).


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    The effect is shown above the power and coolant sliders in engineering.
    (for example on Reactor it says: "Energy production: 180.0/M" on 200%)

    Reactor: energy production
    Beam Weapons: firing rate
    Missile Weapons: reload rate
    Maneuvering: combat maneuver recharge rate & turning speed
    Impule Engines: combat maneuver recharge rate & impulse speed
    Jump drive: Jump speed & recharge rate
    Warp Drive: warp drive speed
    Shield: damage negate & charge rate & calibration speed
  • Thanks you
    What's exactly "Combat recharge rate" on Maneuvering and Impulse Engine? It's not Recharge rate? It's only for Combat maneuver?
  • It's ok it's to recharge for Combat manoeuver.
    Thanks a lot :-)
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