Well we ran our latest event of Orion Sphere LARP using EE (That I have scripted alot)

Spaceships went down again a storm.


Some feedback which you are responsible for

-The Starship bridge simulator is very much Orion Sphere's unique selling point, and Wayne et al never cease to amaze and impress me. Touchscreens are a fabulous addition, and the introduction of multi-ship co-op missions is a fantastic improvement, although it has left me longing for sessions with 4+ or even 6+ ships, which I know is likely an unrealistic standard *gazes longingly out the window into the rain*.

- Spaceships! Incredible tense moments where everyone pulled together! So many missions, all wonderful! Petri loves engineering console, and enjoyed helm as well! Woodsy enjoys shooting things - nothing quite as satisfying as dropping a mine in *just* the right place - and getting to play with the railgun in the final mission was just plain fun. Mad props to UKSBS for their efforts as ever!

-* Talking of space- Wayne, Dominic, Harry and all the other Dalliards were nothing short of amazing. I firmly believe that it's the space sim that takes the game from being a fun but fairly normal sci-fi larp to something truly next level, and the amount that things have developed in terms of systems, technology and set-dressing since event 1 are a massive credit to the guys and girls at UKSBS. We were provided with great roleplay, a lot of support and guidance when we needed it and some really /really/ cool shit- our midnight mission on saturday was absolutely brilliant in particular, though we perhaps should have gone for something easier as it was our tactical officer's first time ever behind that station! I'm also really touched that they have produced special missions with (apparently) us in mind.

-Supernovae: Mr Dalliard of the UKSBS. Just.... Bravo everyone.

-Staff / NPCs obviously fantastic. Messrs Dalliard have some serious skills with those ships, and it was great seeing what they had set up to tinker with up on the station. Conan nodding away at ideas and people being ready to roll with the consequences. Commander Thain's pants were indeed as fancy as I had been led to expect.

-Multi-ship missions were great, even if stressful when you can't rescue everyone you want. Going down planetside and taking down some pirates was both enjoyable and lucrative. Having a chat with a river was something totally new to me!
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